Dogs are wanderlust in nature. Though it is something exciting, it can also cause some problems when they get too far. Fortunately, there are some amazing solutions to ensure that your pet is not going too far away. One of the best ways is the invisible dog fence. It can help you to keep a track on your dog’s movement and make sure they are not going too far. These invisible fences for dogs are the best solution formulated to keep the dogs from wandering beyond the limit. There are different types of invisible dog fences. These are – wireless, in-ground, and GPS.

To know in details about these types and how these fences can be quite helpful, read on. We will provide you with a complete comparison of each of these fences and their benefits.

Types of Invisible Dog Fences

There are 3 types of invisible dog fences:

Wireless fences: The wireless fence provides a complete solution for well-trained dogs. This invisible fence can help to prevent the dog from running into the streets, roads, or getting lost. The wireless fences are quite easy to use. They mainly use the radio transmitter, which allows the dog to roam around or move in a certain radius. The best part of this type of fence is that it doesn’t require any installation of wire in the ground or over it. It also can be used as a shock collar with remote. The only downside is that you can only set boundaries in a round shape.

In-ground fences: The in-ground fence is another excellent solution for restricting the dogs within a specific area. But these are more complex than the wireless ones. You can customize the shape of the boundaries as you wish. It is ideal for the yards with an irregular shape. These are quite stable and can create a super well-defined boundary for your dog.

GPS fence: GPS technology is one of the most advanced technologies. It is used in different devices to keep a track on the location. With the help of the GPS invisible fence, you can allow your dog to cover a certain area or space. These fences work with the help of battery. GPS signals are more reliable than that of the radio frequencies. They are portable in nature and can range up to 800 to 900 yards. This type of invisible fences also comes with some amazing features.

How to choose the right one?

Well, these are the three different types of invisible dog fences that allow your dog to enjoy the freedom while you can be at complete peace of mind. But if you are confused between these three and wondering which one to buy, there is a complete solution:

For irregularly shaped yard: If you have a large yard, but you want to confine your pet within a certain area, then using in-ground fence is the best. Based on different tools, you can allow the dog to be in certain acres of land. This type of fence is powered by the perimeter technologies.

Extreme Dog Fence Underground Ultimate Electric Dog Fence

This comes with various options whether you want this for 1 dog or more than that. It comes with a digital transmitter and 1 collar receiver. There are 7 levels of correction and one beep only level.

Extreme Dog Fence Underground Ultimate Electric Dog Fence

For well-trained dogs in the yard: If your lawn or yard is in perfect shape and you are not concerned about being able to shape it, then wireless invisible dog fence is ideal. The main characteristics of wireless invisible fences for dogs are that they provide good coverage, there is no wire that you have to bury and simple setup. You can also buy something that comes with features like waterproof.

PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System

This is a versatile device which comes with a long life battery. You can also personalize the settings based on needs. It offers 1/2 acre of circular coverage.

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

For remote controlling: If you are looking for a GPS-technology based containment that you can access and control remotely, then you need a GPS invisible dog fence. They are perfect for the dogs who are often traveling with you. It offers the dogs with right amount of freedom without hindering the safety.

Dog Expedition TC1 GPS System

This GPS dog fence is a great wireless portable fence with the latest GPS technology. It is ideal for using while you are camping or on trips. This device features a remote trainer capability.

Dog Expedition TC1 GPS System


So, these are the different types of invisible dog fences that you can use. These fences provide a virtual wall or boundary for your dogs. This will ensure that they will not cross this boundary and get lost. This is also beneficial for their safety and security. Get one for your pup now!