Kimberly Dog Lover

I am a zealous dog trainer since past 6 years, with a special experience in handling behavior problems such as compulsive, stress, and aggression. My passion for dog training has motivated me to create this site for sharing all tools and techniques, which I have mastered with proper guidance from the professional veterinarians.

Through this site, I intend to share each minute aspect related to dog training and health, offer quickly accessible and relevant information for different breeds that I have trained, and commemorate my experiences of somewhat bizarre but brilliant world of dogs. I hope you will be happy to be a regular visitor of this site.


I also volunteer with the local dog care institutions to prevent pet abandonment just because of behavioral or health problems. My approach is more inclined towards a behaviorist with a helping hand of ethology (the study of science animal behavior). I feel proud to know such science that supports friendly training of dogs and puppies.

I believe that where there is science, things tend to work on their own. The only thing required is putting efforts as per that exact scientific understanding. So, I am here to share this understanding with all dog owners, as my sole objective is to enable them to have a wonderful time with their dogs.

I enjoy assisting individuals in training their puppies or dogs to be good family members. I feel that proper training can give your dog a happy life. If you have a puppy, just a few simple keys are enough to train the little one. Is your dog a rowdy adolescent? Well, in that case, some more efforts are enough to turn him into a cultured adult. I also strongly believe that no dog is too grown up to skip learning new things, including better manners.

This site explains how to inculcate the polite manners in your dogs and gradually but effectively transform them into lifetime habits. Whether you are teaching your dog how to turn over or are thinking how to assess a dog stroller, this site can be your helping hand.