How to introduce a dog to the wireless fence?

You can either pay a huge amount of money to a professional trainer to train your dog, and get decent results, or you can do it all by yourself, free and end up with even better results. This type of training is relatively easy, but it requires patience. The main fact you must know is that you can do it without any complications.

wireless fence training

Invisible dog fence training

Before we move to the actual procedure on how to train a dog, we must explain how and why it is necessary to train your dog just after you buy this kind of fence. They are made to limit the movement of your pet across a specific area.

If a dog wants to cross the invisible fence, the system will use a sound alert to notify a dog that he must go back. If he doesn’t obey the order, the shock is applied. It is a small amount of electrical current, released from the collar on the neck.

Some systems use citronella which is sprayed in the face of a dog. They hate the smell and will definitely go back. However, more common and usually rated as better units are those collars which use sounds and shocks. They are also safer.

Most dog owners believe that dogs should understand the system all by themselves, but it is a mistake. It is actually your responsibility to help your dog understand what the limits are and what sound signals are used for.

The first step

Now when you are ready to start training, you must teach your dog some basic commands. For example, repeat to him that he must put every now and then. However, even more, the important part is to help him understand where the boundaries are. To do so, you will have to walk him, while on a leash around the perimeter. Use flags or anything you have at your disposal to mark the fence limits. Walk a dog a few times per day for 4-5 days, just in a case to be sure he understands the basics.

During this, the fence will be deactivated and you should allow for a pet to smell the cons and the perimeter in general.

Introduce sound alerts

The next step is to activate the wireless fence and to walk a dog only until he hears the beeping sounds. Run and stop just before the shock feature will occur.

It is mandatory to repeat the procedure a few times per day for 5 days. You can also allow him to wander the area, while on a leash, but never exceeding the sound alert zone.

The point of this step is to help a dog understand the first line of danger or alert as he approaches the fence. Don’t lose hope if he looks uninterested.

Slowly increase the area, he can explore by releasing the leash. Once again, he must not pass the sound alert boundary. If he tries, call him or make sure he comes back. It is a mandatory step.

Show him shock zone

After a few days (2-3) start releasing the leash even more. A dog will approach the shock zone closer and closer. Once he gets shocked, he will understand that that area is off limits. Because he will still be on a leash, he will get an idea that the specific area is allowed to explore, while others are not.

Duration of the training

Depending on a dog breed, you will need between 4 and 6 weeks to complete the training. It is impeccable to perform the training very day and to do it slowly, or a dog will get confused. After the 6th week, remove the leash completely and see the result.

During the training, you must not leave your dog alone with the fence turned on! Most of them will realize that shocks will end once they pass the boundaries. When that happens, the entire progress will be ruined.


At the end, we must say that training your dog all by yourself is possible and actually easy, but a time-consuming task. If you have time, get a wireless dog fence and start training today. In less than 6 weeks, you will have a perfectly trained pet.