Dogs love playing outside, and who doesn’t want a happy and healthy pet. However, this comes with a lot of risks and we always hear about pets getting stolen or jumping off the fence. That doesn’t mean you confine your Fido within the house. Instead, invest in a smart wireless dog fence that can protect your dog and alert you if your pet crosses the set boundary. In this JUSTSTART wireless dog fence review, we will discuss the features, pros and cons that make this product a good choice for every dog owner.

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Flexible Range

The first and most important feature to look in any wireless dog fence system is the coverage area, and this product forms an invisible radial shaped boundary that can be adjusted between 10 to 1000 feet. According to the manufacturer, the total coverage area is about 58 acres (i.e. 900 feet in radius). You can set up a fenceless perimeter to limit your dog within it. If your pet tries to cross the set boundary, beeps and mild electric static shock will restrict him within the activity range.

Dogs are intelligent by nature, hence it takes a few practice sessions to train them to obey the system and stay within the coverage area. The collar neck size is also highly flexible from 3.93 to 21.26 inches. It can be used with small breeds like Chihuahuas and also large ones like Labradors. Besides keeping your pet safe within a specific perimeter, you can also use the system to train your dogs or stop them from barking early morning or late at night.

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Function and Set-Up

This is a 100% wireless system that features a nice design and easy operation. It creates a circular boundary around the pets and keeps them in a safe zone. The product includes two collar receivers that connect dogs to the wireless fence system. They look like normal shock collars. Users can buy extra collars to use with as many dogs as they want. The collars feature an anti-over shocking system that does not cause any harm to the dog. There’s no need to worry about the dog getting shocked in case of a power failure or transmitter shutdown.

The advanced collar receivers come equipped with a built-in battery that is rechargeable. No more hiding wires in the yard to restrict your dog from crossing the boundary. The system is not only easy to install, but the rechargeable and waterproof collars ensure that they last longer than other products. The water-resistant collar means that your dog can roll in the damp grass or get wet without damaging it.

Stable Performance

The smart dog fence system has been tried and tested on dogs of different sizes and breeds. It does a good job at restricting a small pooch weighing 15 pounds to a large hound weighing over 50 pounds. As the dog tries to get out of coverage area, the collars vibrates 3 to 5 seconds and mild shocks are given for 3 to 5 seconds to remind the pet of his boundary. The signal light flashes to indicate low battery, so you know when it’s time to recharge.

The product comes with one wireless fence transmitter, two collar receivers, 14 training flags, two power adapters, two charging cables, two wall mount screws, one test light tool, 8 collar contacts, and one manual. They also include both short and long-haired collar prongs to reprimand your pets without harming them.

Battery Life

The wireless dog collar comes with built-in battery that is rechargeable. Users need to charge the battery every week. It is not the longest lasting battery, however, given the fact that this product is less expensive than most other wireless fence systems in the market, this is a small price you have to pay.


  • Good coverage area
  • Easy installation
  • Harmless vibration and mild shock correction method
  • Fits both small and large size dogs
  • Reasonably priced


  • Shock level non-adjustable


This is a comparatively new wireless dog fence system that promises an outstanding and adjustable range at a low price. If you own a big yard, this system can keep your pets in the safe zone without having to install a wired fence that is often chewed by animals or destroyed due to bad weather. We hope this JUSTSTART wireless dog fence review helps you make a wise investment and enjoy your peace of mind while your furry friend enjoy his outdoor time.