OCACA Wireless Dog Fence is a user-friendly and customizable system which comes with two collars. This implies that training two species or differently sized dogs is no hassle with this product. OCACA does not require its users to do an elaborate ritual for its setup. It is perhaps one of the areas where the wireless dog fence beats others. Unlike the in-ground models, with OCACA, you are not required to scurry after wires or bury them in your yard. The all intensive packaging is another highlight of the product that includes a wireless transmitter, two collar receivers, one 5V/1A charger, 8 metal probes, 8 rubber tips, 18 training flags, and a user manual.

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OCACA’s battery life is more durable because of the automatic-sleep mode that makes room for your dog to play and hop around. Furthermore, the waterproof construction allows for more fun even in the rain, swimming pools, and heavy downpours. OCACA does not entice customers with unnecessary add-ons like multiple remotes. The collar is rather handy and comes with an attractive return period of 189 days in case customers face with a malfunctioning or other hindrances.


Best features of the product

  • The remote can operate within a radius of 330+5 yards
  • The collars are both waterproof and easily rechargeable
  • Both of the collars are adjustable and can be stretched and expanded for better utility. The collars are ideal for dogs who are over 10 lbs
  • Outstanding for boundary training
  • Battery longevity
  • Rechargeable transmitter
  • Sturdy product
  • Flexible collars
  • The package includes all the necessary accessories
  • Waterproof
  • Better area coverage
  • The best quality in its price range

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Range: 330+5 yards

Type of correction: Beep, Vibration and Static Shock

Waterproof: Yes

Collar size: 6 – 28 inches

Battery: Rechargeable

Expandable boundary: Yes

Collar prongs included: Short and long

Why choose OCACA?

Radius is adjustable and can range anywhere between 33 to 330 yards. You never have to budge about the pet going off-limits, thanks to the 3 layered warning modes. Once your dog ventures beyond the range, the modes will start beeping for a while. This is to ascertain that the dog is not frightened of the sound. The reports can be easily received via one transmitter as OCACA has implemented the core functionalities for easy dog training into this product. It has a frequency of 2.4 GHz and is perfect for pups. Therefore, if you have had a difficult time in figuring out the best fence with a pocket-friendly price, smooth installation process, and remarkable packaging for daily utilities, OCACA is a perfec choice.

Additionally, the absence of a wire in this product means that you no longer have to bother about its sturdiness. The confusing mixture of wires in alternative products makes the installation process difficult. OCACA’s wireless boundaries are reliable and suited to train a dog right away. The training modes- shock, beep, and vibration- are perfectly designed to sync with comfortable training sessions. This cautionary level can be set or changed as your progress with the training sessions. The product is designed to suit the urbane lifestyle of restricted spaces where the probability of the dog running away remains high. Digging flags and banners does not really help!

With OCACA, you can choose the shock level you allow to apply to the dogs. For night training, the reflective strip helps a lot. However, as the product manual states, make sure that the collars do not linger around the neck for more than 10 hours at a stretch.

Advantages of OCACA

  • No fuss with additional wires
  • Customizable setting that encompass 330+5 yards
  • A better substitute for digging holes into the ground for setting limits
  • Higher security with the beep, vibration, and static shock modes
  • Can train up to 2 dogs with adjustable collars
  • A return period of 180 days with a full refund

In conclusion, if you have been looking for the perfect blend of accessories and price, this product can certainly satisfy you. OCACA has packed the essentials, even test light tools to make the buy a good investment. Weighing 15.8 Ounces, the product is available in two colors – black and silver.