Types Of Fences For The Dog

Dog fences are the best way to keep your pet safe and to eliminate the risk of other animals reach his territory. All dogs are territorial animals, so this is actually more important than some dog owners believe. An even better fact is that nowadays you have the ability to choose between varieties of different dog fences.

dog fence 1

All fences can be classified as primitive or as sophisticated. Basically, we have simple models, like those made from wood and electric ones. Anyway, we will list all the types of dog fences below.

  • Chain fences

They are the easiest to install and they are the most durable. Most people claim that their fences lasted more than 50 years. Of course, occasional maintenance is needed. Poles are connected with chain links, which made the entire fence extremely durable and strong. They are also ideal for extremely large dogs. When it comes to installation, they are relatively affordable. Although, they are not always useful. Small dogs may penetrate the fence.

  • Picket models

All picket fences are made in the same way. They are a slightly better option than conventional fences, due to the fact they won’t completely eliminate the view around your home. They also look very interesting and can make the entire home look better. Sadly, small animals may squeeze between the elements.

  • Slit-rail

A split-rail fence is a traditional one, made from wooden boards or poles, placed in the horizontal line. Larger posts are used to connect the horizontal poles. The main advantage is the fact you can easily make a large and long fence. Drawbacks include that dogs may dig a hole beneath the pole closest to the ground. There is a preventive for that. Add a wire mesh and the problem will be solved.

  • Wire mesh fabric fences

The most affordable of them all, one of the most durable and extremely fast to install. In essence, you can complete the entire project in less than a day, even if you want to build a long fence. These fences will keep all the animals away from your yard and your dog safely inside. Furthermore, they are resistant and can withstand the pressure of large dogs. Maybe they don’t look modern, but they are very practical and useful.

  • Wooden-wall fence

Here we have a dog fence that is literally made from solid wood. It is the most expensive version here, and if we add regular maintenance, you can get a better idea how much it is going to cost you. The height of 6 feet is highly recommended, although, for smaller dogs, lower fence is an option. Sadly, they will block your view completely.

Wired fences are more sophisticated and more desirable than all other models above. Basically, they feature a wire, which must be positioned underground. The wire is used to create an invisible fence. A dog will have to wear a collar all the time. In it is a small receiver which will receive a signal once a dog is within the underground wire.

Once a signal is received, collar will start to beep a few times and then it will release a small electrical shock. They are harmless for a dog, but they will make it go back. Of course, expect plenty of work to set the fence up and once installed, they shouldn’t be removed.

Perhaps these fences are the best alternative here. They work on the same principle (collar and receiver) but there is no need to use underground wire. Collars are linked to a transmitter placed inside a house, which determines the radius. Once a dog move passes the invisible fence, a collar will be activated.

Setting up requires up to 30 minutes and some models are portable. A proper training is required and fences cannot prevent another animal reach the home unless you have a conventional fence as well.


All of these fences are useful. They will protect your dog from an accident and a variety of incidents. Each one has pros and cons, so it is up to you to choose one according to your demands. Still, electronic or invisible fences are probably the best choice.