Dog deer hunting is a common tradition and practice of using specially bred and trained dogs known as hounds. These hound dogs specialize in either sight or scent. If well trained, hunting expeditions can be a great deal of fun and success. On another hand, untrained dogs can be a great restraint to successful hunting.

Pros of Dog Deer Hunting

Hunting requires a list of factors. One of them is a good gun like Ruger-ar-556.Secondly, many hunters will highly advocate for hunting with dogs. This is bound to improve your hunting efficiency. Though so, choosing the most appropriate type of dog is crucial. Below is a list of advantages of hunting using hunt dogs.

Dogs have an Increased Sense of Smell

The dog canine has a sense of smell far more developed than that of humans. This allows for the dogs to find deer with a minimal struggle in comparison to men.Trained dogs increase your chances of going home with a catch since they can smell the trails of deer and follow them.

dog running

Minimized Effort and Energy

Dogs can effortlessly cover large distances of a given hunting area within one or two hours. If there are no deer startled by the dogs, most probably, there are none. This saves the hunter’s time.

Common Sport among Younger Hunters

Hunting is a sport that helps young hunters to keep physically fit and in shape. It also helps them understand nature better as they work to identify animal tracks and follow them. This allows them to experience first-hand nature. Likewise, bearing in mind their zeal for exploration, hunting expeditions are a lot of fun mostly for young hunters.

Dogs Scare Reticent Bucks

At the peak of the hunting season, most bucks will go nocturnal, getting only active through the night and remaining in their habitats during the day. Owing to the limited movement, it becomes hard to find them. With dogs, finding them becomes way easier.

Cons of Dog Deer Hunting

Much as there may be advantages to hunting using dogs, there also is negativity to the same. The cons include:

Disruption to Other Hunters

When hunting with dogs, sometimes it becomes uncontrollable. The effect is a significant reduction in the deer population in a given habitat, which adversely affects other hunters. Any deer that escape a shot or are chased by the dogs will have sensed the danger forcing them to flee the risky area. This blows out the local deer population, sometimes even for an entire season.

Trespassing Complaints

Hunting with dogs is bound to have many trespassing complaints. This is because, unlike humans who know boundaries and where they shouldn’t pass, dogs do not. Trespassing to other people’s property while hunting has been so serious in some places that it led to the ban on hunting altogether.

Challenge of Hitting a Moving Target

Hunting without a dog is silent and therefore one can easily hit the deer while it feeds or rests. With dogs, there is a lot of commotion owing to the startle by the dogs. That being the case, it makes hitting a moving target a lot more difficult than the stationary one. Chances are, an animal going wounded after a gunshot or making it suffer before making the kill. This is unethical.


Hunting as a sport is a whole load of fun. Though so, there are some downsides to the practice. If possible, a good hunter will try to keep the cons as low as humanly possible. Have fun hunting.


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