A bed provides your dog with the comfort it needs at night when it is not allowed to sleep on your bed. The bed needs to be maintained just as much as you clean and maintain your bed.

If you neglect the place where your dog spends the night, it might produce an odor that will sting your nose, which will not be possible to ignore. In addition to the odor being difficult to ignore, it is also important for you to develop good hygiene practices in order to prevent allergies and infections.

Therefore, your dog’s bed must be cleaned once every week. You can make this task easier by following these steps:

Vacuuming the Bed

Before you rush into washing the cover, you should remove the pet hairs from the bed. Pet hairs get stuck to wet fabric and become even more difficult to remove. Therefore, you must first vacuum the bed and make sure you remove the dust and fur.

Removing Stains

Another step that you must take before heading toward the laundry room is to make sure the bed is free from poop, urine and mud stains. Use a stain remover and a piece of cloth to rub the stains out of the cloth. This is a significant step in ensuring that your dog’s bed is clean. Use plastic gloves while rubbing the stains off to make sure your hands stay clean.

Washing the Cover

Remember, always use a pet-safe laundry detergent to prevent it from irritating your dog’s precious skin. You should also keep in mind that the water you use to clean the cover needs to be hot in order to kill as many germs as possible.

Most beds come with a removable cover that makes the process of washing easier. However, if the cover is not removable, read the washing instructions and see if it is possible to wash the entire bed in the machine.

If you have a large bed that cannot be washed in a machine, you can hand-wash it using hot water, a sponge and light detergent. Otherwise, you can take the bed to a Laundromat.

Drying the Bed

You can carry out this step in many ways. If possible, you can dry the bed in the dryer. You can tumble-dry it for 20 seconds and air fluff the bed with a dyer sheet. You can also consider air drying your dog’s bed and cover. You can even leave it in the sun for 6 hours to evaporate all the moisture out of the bed.


We know you are probably wondering what an arduous task cleaning the bed actually is. We agree, but taking care of a dog is no easy job. This is a responsibility that comes with the loyalty of a dog. As Courage the Cowardly Dog once said, “The things I do for love.”