Every dog owner just loves the way their dogs wrap themselves into the blankets and turn into little burritos of fluffiness! Almost all dogs and puppies love to jump into bed with you and get cozy under the covers.

Even though it is a very “human-thing” for the dogs to do, hiding under the sheets is a common practice among dogs and puppies. It is not a matter of concern if a dog does not get under the sheets often or does not like to get in the bed to snuggle in the sheets. It is common, but many dogs do not like it.

For the furry pets that do like to get cozy under the sheets, it is admirable and not at all harmful. Dogs in beds is a sight to see and a perfect aww-moment, but not many pet parents can figure out the real reason why their dog loves the blankets and bed covers so much.

Understanding the Science

As much as the pet parents love to see their dogs getting all comfortable in the beds, it buries the seeds of curiosity in them. It is common for dog owners to wonder if it is something their dogs do for comfort or there is a scientific reason behind it.

There are several reasons behind this specific type off dog behavior. For dog owners who want to know why their dogs are so obsessed with the bed sheets, this list of reasons will help them understand the puppy’s side of the story.

A Product of Natural Instinct

A lot of dogs want to burrow, just like groundhogs and moles. It is a natural instinct in dogs that is because their ancestors were born and raised den. Burrowing themselves under the blanket is a sign that these dogs are connected to their ancestors who lived in dens with their pack.

It is typical behavior of dog breeds such as Terriers, Dachshunds, Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes. The terriers and dachshund breed dogs tend to live in dens to hunt for small prey. These dogs stay in dens to look for food. The Alaskan Malamutes and Huskies show this behavior as these dogs are known for burrowing under the snow to stay warm and camouflage from the predators.

Although these dogs do not spend more than a few hours in these dens, they still tend to show that they need it even when they are living with pet parents. They are born with the genes of their ancestors. It is a significant reason why a dog wants to wrap themselves into the bed covers and sheets.

Sleeping in a Pile

Along with being raised in a den, dogs are known for living in a pack. Companionship and dogs are two words that cannot be separated. Dogs are in need of companionship, be it their owner or their pack members. A lot of dogs have a practice of sleeping in a pile, especially in their puppyhood.

A perfect example is a puppy litter, where all puppies stick together at all times. They eat, sleep, and play together. Cuddling with each other when sleeping is common among dogs. When a dog sleeps under the sheet with their owner, it might be an indication that they want to cuddle and sleep.

Sense of Safety and Security

Burrowing under the sheet has its connection with a dog’s feelings. A dog is one of the most lovable animals, and they crave attention and affection from their owners. Cuddling under the sheets with their owner instils in them a sense of safety and security.

Seeing their owners sleeping and letting their guard down at one specific spot every day, makes them think that the bed is a safe place for them as well. A lot of dogs sleep in their owner’s bed under the sheets because they find the place the safest of the safe.

These are the primary reasons why dogs are fond of getting under the sheets and sleeping with their owners. It also helps in calming the nerves down of a fearful and anxious dog. These fur-balls seek for safety and love, which is what makes “under the sheets” the perfect place!