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PetSafe Free to Roam Dog and Cat Wireless Fence

Wireless dog fence set up the safe containment area for our dogs. It is not difficult to use, it only needs to plug in the transmitter that will give off the radio signals in all directions with the adjustable range of 90 feet. The Wireless dog fence doesn’t take as much time for full set up, and it doesn’t need time-taking installation. Its installation is so easy that it comes down to simply plug in the transmitter and then start the training of the dog. The system offers five levels of correction, so you can adjust it to according to your preference.

The good thing is that the receiver collar produces warning tone before the dog crosses the boundaries. A week of training with my dog was enough to teach him where boundaries are and he was not going beyond it anymore. If the dog continues going forward, it will start to receive static tone over and over again.

  • Waterproof
  • Tone and static correction
  • Fits 5lbs+ dogs
  • Five intensity levels
  • Both long and short contact points included
  • Unlimited number of dogs
  • Non-rechargeable battery
  • Five feet of boundary wobble on average

Will it fit my dog?

The system provides the contact points for both short and long haired dogs. That makes it fit all types of dogs. Only limitations are the age which should be over six months, the size of the dog which needs to be over five pounds, and the neck size 6-28 inches.

Security solutions

The security zone is also embedded in the wireless dog fence; if the dog stays outside the boundary more than the 15 seconds, then the system will not produce the correction to maintain the safeness. The system also has the transmitter power-loss alarm, when the power is removed from the transmitter then the dog is not further contained.


This kind of system is expedient for usage because we do not have to bury any wires. It becomes easy to use the system outside the home by taking the Roam Wireless Fence anywhere you go on a trip. However, bear in mind that the transmitter is indoor only so you cannot put it outside. This system is very effective for vacations where we take the dog with us. It is the portable device that just requires taking the transmitter, collar, and flags when going towards the new place such as for outing or picnic point. There we have to only set up the contained area for our pet and then the collar starts its work.

Easy to use

The vital point of the Wireless dog fence is that it covers the adjustable circular area of about 180 feet in diameter that approximately equals to a half acre. It does not need any wiring that needs to be buried in the yard so that you can perform its function. Furthermore, the system is completely wireless. The good thing about the Roam wireless system is that it is safe to use in every climate because of its waterproof receiver.


Collar use RFA-67D-11 batteries which last up to two months. The system includes one battery pack. When the battery becomes low then it alerts us to replace it, so you do not have to bother if it is still working or not.


Now it becomes very easy to train the dog to keep him in specific boundaries. Firstly, you need to define the safe area for the pet with boundary flags; they serve as a visual aid. Then, by walking with the dog around your property and make him listens to only beeping when the containment area begins, you get him to learn the new system. We recommend that the dog should not wear the collar more than 12 hours a day. And believe me, your dog will eventually understand what all this means and starts to obey new rules, where he can and cannot be.


The Roam Wireless Dog Fence has the good package system. The only drawback is the lack of rechargeable batteries. It takes little bit time to know about all its function but is safe and a good investment.