All dog owners want their dogs to experience as much freedom as they can, but leaving the yard is something we want to discourage, as we want to be sure they are safe and not getting into trouble or wandering into roads. One way that you can control your dog and keep it within certain boundaries is a wireless dog fence. This is a transmitter that you place in your house and transmits a radio signal. The dog is wearing a collar and as long as the dog is within a pre-set range of the transmitter nothing happens, but as soon as the dog wanders out of transmitter range, he collar will give the dog a sharp shock and beep. Eventually, the dog associates traveling too far with the unpleasant feeling and stays within permitted boundaries.

This device should not be relied upon if your dog is dangerous/aggressive. It is not suitable for dogs less than 10 lbs.

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Our Recommended Model

After researching various models, we came to the conclusion that the FunAce Dog Wireless Pet Containment System was one of the best choices.

Product Information


This device can cover a large area. Maximum distance about 500 feet in all directions from the transmitter.


You can adjust the coverage area by settings on the transmitter. Using the test light, walk the boundary and place the 20 training flags around the transmitter limit, so the dog has a visual clue. Fit the dog collar, with fully charged batteries.

Adjust the collar for size and make sure he contacts are in position.

The Collar is Water Resistant

So the collar will not be harmed if the dog is playing under the garden sprinkler fr example.

Types of Dogs / size

Labrador, Retriever, Poodle, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer, Bulldog German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Boxer Shih Tzu. In fact all dogs over 10lbs

Size of Collar

The collar will fit dogs with a neck of up to 24 inches.

You Can Adjust the Boundary on the Transmitter

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Are Wireless Dog Fences Cruel?

Some dog owners consider wireless dog fences cruel as they inflict pain on a dog. The question, of course, is how much pain? I tried it out on myself to test this point and yes it was painful and certainly attracted my attention. But it was the sort of pain that dos not linger. The pain cannot be set too low or the dog will just ignore it and carry on with what it was doing. Dogs are not unintelligent and if it gets a sharp pain every time it takes a certain action (going out of bounds), it will soon stop taking that action. Consequently the pain should only be experienced during the training period.


Multiple Dogs Supported

With the addition of extra collars, it is possible to control more than one dog with this system.

Training Mode

When you first set up the system, be sure to place the training flags around the periphery of the transmitter boundary. Then walk the dog around the periphery, pointing out the flags to your dog. Make sure he is aware of them, that way he will associate that place with the pain if he wanders past that point. After a while, you can gradually remove the flags one at a time. Spend about three weeks with this training.

Automatic Cut Off

Should there be a power outage, the dog collar will receive shocks for a maximum of 54 seconds. It will turn itself off.

Proper Use

Be aware that the device is not suitable for homes that are made of aluminum/stucco siding or if you have metal outbuildings as these interfere with the signal. Do not use the collar for more than 12 hours continuously in a day, and always make sure the battery is charged, as it may malfunction if the battery is low.

Keep an eye out for any skin damage on the neck ( a red rash or sores). If you see this you should refer to your vet.

Keep the device out of the reach of children. Do not do set up while the dog is wearing the collar.

Final Words

There may be many reasons why a traditional fence is not suitable for your dog’s containment. Whatever your reason for choosing a wireless fence system this model is the best one you will find.