Most pet parents love taking their furry friends wherever they go, and why shouldn’t they? Pets also have a desire to explore new places and take in the sights and sounds.

What makes a trip great is adequate planning beforehand, and this holds especially true when traveling with a pet. Pets have needs too that vary from ours. Keeping them in mind, we will be telling you today about all the things you need to pack if you are going on a road trip with your dog.

Secure the Dog for the Journey

Before you get on the road with your four-legged companion, you need to ensure that the pets’ and your safety is a priority. Be sure to take a kennel, crate or dog harness to secure your pet for the journey. Not only will this curb your dog’s excitement and inclination to jump and run around the car, but it will also keep it safe if there is an accident. Make sure you train your dog beforehand so that it feels comfortable in the harness or crate for the duration of the journey.

Also, make sure the dog has its dog collar on with the appropriate ID tags on its leash. Getting a microchip is recommended just to be extra safe.

Pack All the Essentials

Food, Water and Bowl

Of course, you can’t forget the food and water which you can serve on collapsible dog travel bowls. Pack enough food for the journey. If your dog has a history of being sick after eating, get enough drinking water for it before you start the journey.

Medications and First Aid Kit

Another thing to keep in mind is to get some form of medication for motion sickness from the vet. Dogs often get sick on long journeys. Also, get enough medications for any existing conditions your pet might have and plan your trip accordingly.

All good road trips are incomplete without a first aid kit. You should at the very least have a basic safety kit comprising of bandages, scissors and a thermometer and enough knowledge about how to use them should the need arise.

Veterinary Records and Passport

Carrying a copy of the latest vaccination records and passport for your dog is necessary. Certain countries require them when a dog is to enter them and you would otherwise be refused entry.

Poop Bags

To not come across as a careless pet owner and to keep the environment clean, you can’t travel without having enough poop bags. Pack plenty of them to save yourself some embarrassment.

To make sure the trip does not result in any unpleasantness, keep the dog engaged and happy throughout the journey by bringing along dog toys and treats. You can even bring something that your pet has an emotional connection with like a pillow or a blanket.