Dogs tend to follow their owners almost everywhere, but most of the time, they like to be independent, which is why you will find them sleeping or playing in the other room rather than yours. But there are a few dogs that tend to follow their humans around everywhere, and we mean everywhere, even the likes of a bathroom. Such dogs show signs of being a Velcro dog.

What is a Velcro dog?

So what is a Velcro dog; you may have guessed by the name; a Velcro dog is one that is stuck to your side all the time, one that likes to follow you everywhere. Even though this is nothing to worry about, but you should be a little concerned as it is not good for the dog in the long run. 

However, many people tend to confuse a Velcro dog with one that has separation anxiety issues. You have to remember that both are different things. While a Velcro dog will be in your lap all the time, a dog experiencing separation anxiety will be content having you in the same house, they do not need to be stuck to your side. 


To be clear that you understand the difference between a dog with separation anxiety and a Velcro dog, we will list down the symptoms of each. 

Velcro dog:

  • Will follow you everywhere you go.
  • The first and foremost need is to be with their owners all the time. 
  • Watching every move that their human makes. 
  • Predicting what their owners will do and reacting before they should. 

Separation anxiety:

  • Anxiety plain and simple (they may seem uneasy or even nervous).
  • Lots of barking.
  • They may seem out of breath and pant a lot. 
  • Drooling may be excessive. 
  • More than usual urination, even in small amounts. 
  • Chewing on something continuously. 
  • Their behavior will be a bit unpredictable. 


One of the first thoughts that come when your dog becomes a Velcro dog is why are they acting that way? What are the causes? There are not one clear causes there are a few reasons for a Velcro dog:

  • We are sometimes the reason for a dog to develop Velcro dog syndrome. For example, if we constantly pet our dog or talk to them affectively and eventually given them a treat, they feel that staying close to us will lead them to treats. 
  • Some dogs with age, or for other reasons, may develop problems with their hearing or vision, because of which they start depending on their humans more. 
  • Some dog breeds are made to be dependent on humans; it’s a trait they inherit from their parents. 
  • Most dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety become Velcro dogs.  
  • If a dog becomes clingy all of a sudden, then they may have some underlying health issues.
  • If you shift, then the new place, house, neighbors can cause dogs to become clingy.
  • A dog that is boredom or is not mentally stimulated can become a Velcro dog as well because they are bored and have nothing better to do.  

Influencing and prevention

Velcro dog syndrome can make a dog sad when they are not near their parents. It doesn’t end there; it can lead to depression, loss of appetite, and also serious health issues. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you do not raise a Velcro dog. 

Train him as a puppy, this will ensure that from the very beginning the dog knows that he is supposed to be independent as well. Teach them to sleep in their bed or spend time alone when you are in the same house.

Make sure that you are consistent and firm at all times. A set of rules will go a long way, for example making sure that you send the dog to their bed every night.

Be loving to them, they deserve it; just because you are afraid of them becoming a Velcro dog doesn’t mean that you ignore them or stop loving them.

Make sure that you do not treat him as a human. A dog will always remain a dog and have needs that every dog has. If you start humanizing them then they may develop this syndrome.