Just like how we humans have preferences and enjoy one type of weather over the other, so do our furry friends. Today, we will be telling you about certain dog breeds that would be most appropriate for you to live with, depending on the type of climate you live in.

Most Suitable Breeds for Cold Weather

If you live somewhere where it is cold throughout, make sure you consider a pet from among these breeds. Extreme temperatures can take their toll on a dog’s health if it is not suited for the weather. Here are three breeds for you to consider:

Siberian Husky

It is the closest real-life dog to direwolves from Game of Thrones and one of the most popular and easily identifiable dog breeds. The fact that it is strongly built comes in especially handy in snowy terrains as it makes for a great hiking partner and is good at pulling sledges.

Alaskan Malamute

The Malamute may seem similar in appearance to a Husky from a distance, but once you get up close, you will realize it is much bigger. In fact, it is the biggest of Arctic dogs and has an even heavier coat to aid it in the extreme temperatures. These dogs enjoy howling and barking.

Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is an ancient dog and has been guarding monasteries for around 2000 years. It is agile and efficient in the snow due to its large, round and flat feet. It has a gentle nature and makes for a great hiking and expedition companion.

Most Suitable Breeds for Hot Weather

Now, we will be looking at dog breeds that are more suited to warmer and tropical climates. They are usually smaller and less furry than their Arctic counterparts. Here are three dog breeds you should consider getting for hot regions:


The Doberman is one of the friendliest and most loving dog breeds that are easy to train. Its long ears, lanky body and short coat make it suitable for warm weather despite having a dark color. It is very loyal and protective of its family, making it a perfect family dog.


Dalmatians are probably the most popular dog breed out there due to their signature black and white spot coat. They know how to hold their own in hot weather and are even trained for firefighting. Due to their long legs, short coats and big ears, they can run for miles in hot temperatures without breaking a sweat.


It hails from the hottest and most humid forests and has qualities like a short coat and erect ears that make it well-suited to the hot weather. It is especially intelligent and athletic and remains very active in hot weather. One less known characteristic is that a Basenji is very troublesome to train.