Dogs and cats are truly miraculous creatures. When treated right they will show you the kind of undying affection that you would never receive anywhere else. There is nothing like coming home to a dog or cat that is truly overjoyed just to see your face. This kind of reaction will create an emotional bond, unlike anything you have experienced before. That being said caring for your pets will not be easy. This is especially true when it comes to coats and tear stains. Some dogs just naturally have unkempt, greasy coats with eye tear stains. If you have ever dealt with these kinds of stain before, you already know just how troublesome they can be. Luckily for you, there is now a product on the market that could potentially change your and your dog’s life.

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What Is Angel Eyes?

Angel eyes is a product that was specifically designed to help eliminate tear stains from the inside out while keeping your dog’s coat looking the very best possible. Upon purchase of the product, pet owners will receive 120 natural soft chews that can easily be mixed in with their pet’s food. Bottles will need to be stored in a cool location and results can take anywhere from three to five weeks. This usually depends on the growth of your cat or dog’s coat, but there is one thing for sure, you can expect to see positive results.

Safe Ingredients

The creators of Angel Eyes want to put pet owner’s mind at ease. This is why they have chosen to include only the very best ingredients in their products. Within Angel Eyes, you can find a proprietary blend of cranberry powder, Oregon grape root, and marshmallow root. All of these ingredients have their own benefits, but when combined together and taken at once they provide even greater value of benefits. In addition to this, you will find that the developers of Angel Eyes proudly list all their ingredients on the back of their products, so that consumers will know exactly what their pets are taking.

Carries The NASC Seal

In many households, a pet is like an extended family member. In fact, many people that are unable to have kids will oftentimes adopt dogs or cats to replace the emotional loss. You wouldn’t want to feed your kids something that wasn’t certified by the FDA or you wouldn’t want to take your kids to a pediatrician that isn’t certified. Well, the same concept should apply to the products that you are giving your pets. When you invest in Angel Eyes, you can rest assured that you are getting a totally safe product. Each and every ingredient has been tested for safety as well as potency. The company even went as far as to get an NASC seal. This shows that the company is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they are only creating the safest products possible.

Safe For Small Puppies

Some breeds of dogs will experience tear stains at a young age, while some won’t experience them until they are older. Some breeds of dogs even experience these stains at excess levels when they are pregnant. Unlike other products, Angel Eyes is completely safe during these times. The product cannot only be safely administered to pregnant mothers, but it can safely be administered to puppies over six weeks old.


  • Safe for puppies over 6 weeks old
  • Safe for pregnant mothers
  • 100 percent safe and certified ingredients
  • Made right in the United States


  • Results might take anywhere from three to five weeks
  • The bottle must be stored in a cool place

Overall Assessment

Tear stains are a major problem with a lot of breeds. Not only do tear stain hinder your dog, but they have huge negative impacts on their coat. Angel Eyes is one product that can combat these stains while also making sure that your dog’s coat looks as bright and natural as possible. In addition to containing only safe ingredients, Angel Eyes is manufactured right in the United States. When you invest in Angel Eyes you are pretty much just funneling money back in the United States economy where it can be used to improve roads and other infrastructure.