Many people love dogs and would like to keep them as well, but the only thing stopping them are their allergies. These allergies arise because of a dog shedding its fur, and their dander. It is known that two different dogs can have a different level of impact on the allergy level.

Many people choose to go for medicines to cure their allergy so that they can keep their desired breed. But people, who do not have their mindset on a specific breed, tend to go for dog breeds that are healthy and do not shed.

People who do not like fur on their furniture find these breeds to be a true blessing as well. Here is a list of dog breeds that are known for their health, not shedding, and mostly hypoallergenic.


These dogs are amongst 50 of the most popular dog breeds in AKC and are one of the best dogs who do not shed. This breed is playful, joyous, gentle and laid-back. They easily become friends with people and other animals as well. They are perfect for apartment living and the best choice for a small dog. These dogs are also intelligent, making them easier to train.


These dogs have become very popular over time. Labradoodle is a hybrid between a Labrador and a poodle and is best for families who are looking for dogs that are easy to maintain, intelligent, and friendly.

As all mix breeds, they can vary in size and even look but tend to be bigger than a mini poodle. Since both the poodle and the Labrador are intelligent breeds, this hybrid has inherited that trait, thus making it easier to train.

Portuguese water dog

This breed is classed as a working breed and has been known best as the preferred breed of former President Obama. They originated from Algarve, which is a place in Portuguese. They have a long lifespan and can weigh about 16 kg to 27 kg, and they come in a variety of colors. These dogs are known to be intelligent, brave, docile, and very obedient. 


There are three different classes of the poodle, the miniature, standard, and the toy poodle. They are claimed to be water type dogs and are known to be great dogs for any house or apartment. These dogs are devoted and highly alert. They love to cuddle and are very easy to train as well.

Shih Tzu

The name means little lion, but this dog has nothing vicious about it.  They are known to be loving dogs, rather than hunting types. These dogs are bred for companionship and are very affectionate, energetic, playful and joyous. They like to follow their owners around and love to play dress up as well.

Wheaten terrier

This breed started in Ireland around 200 years ago to be raised as a farm dog. They were used to herd and guard the animals and even help in hunting down vermin. The dog has a single coat, which ensures that there is next to no shedding. They are affectionate dogs who love to cuddle their owners.

Scottish terrier

These dogs are known to have a lot of energy and one could say that they belonged in a big dog’s body rather than a small one. They are independent dogs, who get excited at times and are feisty as well. However, these dogs don’t get along with children, they are known to snap at them, thus are not great family dogs. They are fast, which is why they are used to kill rats and other vermin’s on farms.


Originated from Cuba, these dogs are intelligent and affectionate. Even though they have a long coat, they do not shed. They have a long lifespan and can weigh about 4.5 to 8 kg.

Bichon Frise

The dog is completely white, which a medium-length coat with a silky texture and curls. They are good family dogs as they are easy to train, affectionate and cheerful. They are also very gentle with kids.

Tibetan terrier

As the name suggests, this dog breed originated in Tibet, however, they do not fall in the terrier group. These dogs love people but can grow to be quiet huge, which tends to scare people. But these dogs are very affectionate and love their humans.