1. German Shorthaired Pointer

The breed is considered to be one of the best and consistent pointers out there. These dogs are usually white and liver in color and are ticked. Their size varies from small to medium and so does their range. Though these dogs are mostly specifically bred for hunting, some are bred to stay close to the hunter, while the others are bred to cover the forest floor. The smaller dogs are much more agile with a higher stamina and faster legs, which makes them great hunters.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is known to respond to directions and commands very quickly, and it does not hold any grudges against its master. Mistakes in training are also easier to overcome with these dogs, which is why they make excellent companions for new hunters.

These dogs do very well as bird dogs as they come with speed, endurance and power. When at work, they are like athletes and work smoothly with their masters at retrieving game. They love to learn, which is why they are quick and easy to train. Thus, in no time, they can become great hunting companions and are known to form quick bonds with their owners.

2. Labrador Retriever

These dogs are considered to be the most popular dog in the hunting community. They are also recognized by the Canadian and American Kennel Clubs as the most popular dogs.

The breed is very affectionate and bright and makes a great addition to the family as it is good with people of all ages. As a result, it has become one of the best dog breeds over the world and has transformed from a working dog to a mainstream dog kept in households.

A lot of times, these dogs are also chosen to become emotional or guide dogs for the police or blind people. Even though they are now being used in a variety of fields, they have not lost their ability as a hunting dog and can still perform excellently. If you go to a popular hunting spot, you are sure to spot Labrador Retrievers in most cars.

These dogs vary in size from medium to large and come in three different colors: black, chocolate and golden. Many hunters tend to choose this breed as it has the ability to chase out pheasants from highly dense places and is a good swimmer, so it will easily get the prey if it were to fall in a water body.

3. Beagle

The Beagle is a small dog that does not get taller than 25 inches. It has a white, brown and black coat and most such dogs look alike, except they have different markings. One look at these dogs, and you will not feel that they are hunting dogs or that they are even cut out to be a hunting dog, but they make up for their lack of size with their hunting prowess.

These dogs are meant to hunt in packs and have even been shown in historic illustrations as a part of hunting games. They are known as the bunny buster as they are notorious for finding rabbits in the largest of fields, all thanks to their powerful noses. Whether they work in a pack or as a single dog, they are best known for their natural instincts and their sense of smell.

Even though they love chasing rabbits in the woods, they also make great pets for a family and are excellent with kids. Their even temperament makes them tolerant as well as extremely friendly and gentle.

4. English Setter

The words best used to describe the English Setter are energetic, elegant and graceful. These dogs are among the top gun dogs in the world. For 400 years, these dogs have been bred as gun dogs, which is why hunters are drawn to them. These are medium-sized dogs which are mostly white with black/brown dots (and other colors), long fur and attractive bodies. Some Setters are known to fly like the wind, while others are a little more careful while hunting a game.

These dogs mostly range further away from the hunter than the other dogs on this list, but there are also some who are taught to stay close to their owners. One thing to understand is that these dogs are not easy to keep and there will be times when they test you, that is why we recommend using the shock collar with remote to make training easier. It will all be worth it during the hunt when they put their minds to use. These dogs have the perfect combination of stealth and power, making them great hunting dogs.

5. Bloodhound

The name alone can strike fear in the heart and makes it sound like the perfect hunter, which it is. These dogs have an extremely strong sense of smell and unmatched tracking abilities, which makes them the best partner for hunting. They are an exemplary tracking breed as their noses can track trails that have gotten cold over days. They are so good at tracking that the police often use them to track down criminals and missing people.

One downside of this breed is that it is not considered to be highly intelligent, but it can be easily trained and is a great worker. It makes for an excellent companion to hunters as well.