There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love dogs and those who don’t. If you are in the former category, you probably believe that a dog is your best friend. Whether you are going through the worst day of your life or the best, it is always there. It has a soul of its own and is as unique as the human it loves.

A dog is a true reflection of its owner. It takes on the same traits and habits. However, it is also true that after a while, dog owners adapt to the personality of their buddy. They start sharing the same characteristics and mimic its personality. In short, both end up complementing each other.

Whether you are a jogger or like to snuggle up in bed, there is a dog out there to complement your habits. Read on to find out which dog is likely to suit your personality.

German Shephard

This one is among the most popular of dogs out there. It is incredibly loyal, courageous and devoted to its owner. From a very young age, it develops an unmatched intellect. People who are likely to value security and are quiet and calm tend to keep this type of dog. Those who are interested in serving others will do perfectly well with this breed.

Golden or Labrador Retriever

If you are family oriented and have kids in the house, this dog will be the best companion you can find. It is obedient and easy to train. It makes for a wonderful watchdog but can be a lousy guard dog because its love for people is immeasurable. This breed will be your best companion for adventures like hiking, swimming, biking or any other outdoor activity as it is a highly energetic breed.


This breed with lots and lots of spots is one of a kind. The spots of every Dalmatian are unique and unlike any other of its kind. This breed is extremely energetic and outgoing. Dalmatians are versatile and can protect as well as amuse. People who like challenges and are on their feet at all times will complement this breed perfectly. Since it is quite smart, it quickly picks up signals, which enable it to create a close relationship with its human.


This is the most beautiful creature you will ever find. The breed is quite independent and likes to set the course of its actions rather than letting its owner decide. It makes the best guard dog as it is agile and strong and has a heightened sense of smell. It usually accompanies hunters. People who require safety and protection could do really well with these dogs.


This is another beautiful breed of dog. It is best for people living in cold climates as it has a thick fur and needs constant care. It possesses a wolfish nature and has a domineering personality. It is best suited for people with natural exuberance who appreciate active companions.

French Poodle

The coat of every poodle is the crown of its glory. Poodles are driven by excessive attention, so this breed should only be kept if the owner is able to fulfill this need. They are lively and quick to learn whichever tricks their humans want them to learn. They are very fast learners, so you won’t need any additional equipment like a training collar. They marvel over their looks and are a little arrogant. It is essential for these dogs to socialize and get accustomed to other breeds or else they would become aggressive to any outsider. People who like to take risks and are action-oriented work best with French poodles.


Whether you have a French Bulldog, Bull Terrier or Pit Bull, this breed is exceptionally stubborn and moody. It does not give up easily once it sets its mind to achieve something. Do not let its small body frame fool you of the strength it possesses. At the same time, it is extremely lovable and friendly. While the breed finds it difficult to jog as its respiratory system is a little weak, it makes for a great companion around the house.

Pomeranian or Chihuahua

These are the smallest breed of dogs there is. Their charm lies in the variety of colors and coats they come in. They are high maintenance and make their owners work for their respect. However, once the human has proven themselves, these breeds are fully devoted. They are perfect for people who are quiet and easygoing. These dogs are usually associated with the elite.


This is another breed which should not be underestimated due to its small size. It has a very playful nature and is always found trotting around the house, prone to causing mischief. People who enjoy learning new things and are up for adventures would love this dog’s energy. It will not let you get bored quickly and will find something new to do all the time. They are known for their tendency to barking, so you might be forced to invest in the barking collar.


While picking out a dog for yourself, it is important to keep your own personality in mind. Extremely energetic and outgoing dogs cannot survive with people who like to keep things quiet. Similarly, people who seek adventure cannot be satisfied by a small dog that can’t keep up with them. Contradicting personalities might damage the vibe and energy, making the dog bored and slouchy. It might even become uninterested and depressed, which can significantly affect its health.

One crucial tip to remember while deciding to keep a dog is always to adopt one rather than buying. There are so many dogs out there that have been abandoned by their previous owners or shunned by families. They are looking for a stable and loving home. Picking the right dog will make you happy as well as your new furry friend. It even tries its best to bring out the best in their human.