How To Raise The Perfect Dog

The first step when it comes to raising a perfect dog is to choose a breed which suits you the most. But, this cannot be generalized and it solely depends on your desire. You must know that puppies need time! You will have to get a puppy after 8 weeks since the birth. During the 8 weeks, a puppy will learn about pack rules, get the love from his mother and food. After that, he can be yours.

raise perfect dog

Bringing your puppy home

Now, you will have to bring a puppy into your home. The main thing to know is that he will feel vulnerable and scared, so provide plenty of attention and fun for him as long as you can. A puppy will spend a few days learning the area, what he can do and what he must avoid. Then, he will start feeling like at home, which I the time when you should spend even more time with him.

In order to raise a perfect dog, you will have to teach him about crating. The main fact here is that puppies younger than 6 months must spend only 2-3 hours in a crate. They require using the toilet more frequently than older dogs. Yes, they can stay in a crate for longer than that, but only through the night.

Potty training

This is a short phase. During it, you will have to stay calm and to have plenty of nerve. It is important to realize that puppies will have to be fed precisely at the same time every day and to get a toilet break also. My Sweety Pet suggests that you can even try to teach your puppy to use a regular toilet.

These two, short training will affect the behavior of your pet later on and teach him to obey specific rules. It is essential if you want to raise a perfect dog, who will obey your orders and treat you like a friend afterward.

Socialize your puppy

During the first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life, he will have to be socialized. To do so, you will have to teach him specific things. For example, always carry a treat with you. Give him occasionally and give to other people to feed him as well. This creates a bond between a puppy and humans, which will be important later on.

Biting is a severe issue which may occur at all times. In order to solve the problem, even a puppy bites you, you will have to say ‘’no’’. Then, keep his mouth closed for 2 minutes. Repeat this procedure every time he bites you.

During this phase, you will have to teach your dog that humans are his friends and at the same time that some actions he must avoid. For example, biting must be eliminated.

After this period, you should start with additional training, like to sit, stay in place and etc. The right moment to start the training depends on a breed. For example, German Shepherds are known that they should start with training sooner than other breeds.

Provide physical activity

The main fact here is to remember puppies and adult dogs need physical activity each day. By providing this to him, your dog will have better stimulants to enjoy in your company, he will be a happier dog and he will be in perfect health.

Playing and training should be mixed well together. This combination has been known for providing the best results over a short period of time and it is known to be the most productive later on.


Yes, all of what we said looks simple and easy, but it has a huge effect on your puppy and on your dog later on. Your puppy will grow into a wonderful dog who is smart, obedient and who loves you.