Dog crates are not a new thing, but they may be unfamiliar to you. In those cases, you will need a small guide on how to train your pet to spend time in a crate. First of all, keep in mind that a crate is safe for dogs and all dogs like them. The duration of the training cannot be generalized, due to the fact it depends on the breed, age, temper, etc.

crates for dogs

Dog crates: Main facts to know

Dog crates are treated as a haven for dogs, and all dogs prefer them. Of course, in the beginning, they may look scary or unwelcomed to your pet. The training is used to introduce a dog to a crate and to teach him that spending time inside is great.

The main fact to consider is the size of a crate. It must be big enough so your dog can turn around, lie down and have a proper meal. Obviously, the best crate depends on the size of your dog.

When conducted properly, training is highly successful, and in no time you can get your pet enjoy inside the crate. Furthermore, there are metal, plastic crates and those made from wood. It is up to you which one you need. Don’t forget that the crate must be tall enough so a dog cannot jump over it.

Introducing the crate

The first thing you will have to do is to introduce a crate to a dog. To do so, place it in the middle of the room and leave the gate open. A dog will come and inspect the crate. Reward him with a cookie or a treat. Repeat this procedure a few times, until a dog starts to feel comfortable around a crate.

The next thing to do is to start feeding in the crate. Place his bowl (don’t use a new one) and allows him to have a proper meal inside. Do not close the gate yet. Leave them open. Gradually close the gate as long as a dog has a meal inside. After some time, you will notice that a dog will stay inside a crate after his meal. Then, close the gate for 10 minutes. Over time, you will have to gradually increase the time he spends in a crate.

Each time your dog has a meal inside a crate, you will have to increase the time he spends inside. If he starts whining or barking, ignore that. But, never leave him closed in a crate for a longer period, until he is comfortable with it.

Once a dog is comfortable inside a crate, you can introduce a night crating. It simply means that a dog will spend the whole night inside a crate. Simply close him and open the crate in the morning. Here we can see another, an important fact to remember. Always provide nice bedding and toys for your pet. They will keep him busy, and they will make the first night far more comfortable.

Additional facts to know

Keep in mind that puppies cannot withstand more than 3 hours without using a toilet. Older dogs can. In a case you are training a puppy, if he is whining all the time, make sure he doesn’t need a toilet.

Never close a dog inside a crate for the first time and leave him like that. This will have a negative effect overall. Other than these two things, there are no other issues to worry about.


Dog crating is the best way to make your dog safe and you get free time. In general, the training can last up to 10 days, but most dogs get used to crates within 5-6 days.