How To Be The Pack Leader

A dog’s owner is called pack leader. It means that you will have to become one in order to have a pet who will respect and obey you. But, how to become one? In nature, a dog’s mother will teach him about this. She decided where and for how long puppies will play when they will eat and etc. In modern society, you will have to take that role. In essence, there are several aspects which have to be incorporated in your behavior, which will make a pack leader form you.

pack leader

Stay calm at all times

The first and the main rule to obey is that you must stay calm at all times. Pack leaders in nature use calming energy to control the pack. They are not aggressive and they do not show the emotions easily. So, you will have to follow the same rule.

If you are anxious or filled with a negative energy, the dog will feel threatened or scared of you, meaning that he won’t obey your orders, nor will he respect you. In the lack of a better word, you will have to use your intelligence, not strength in order to become a pack leader.

Your boundaries must be respected

In the wild, a pack leader has a territory and boundaries which all other dogs must follow. Here, you will have to set your own boundaries which your pet must respect. The boundaries come in a variety of meanings, but the most important one is territorial.

A dog who knows that he lives in your territory will obey you at all times. A dog who doesn’t know that won’t! Luckily, this is a simple method to use, due to the fact all dogs will live on a property which belongs to their owners. In a nutshell, you can use in-ground fence system which will help you get this aspect even better and more pronounced.

Perfect timing is a must

This refers to the time and action. If a dog does something good, reward him immediately. If he does something bad, punish him as soon as possible. If you wait, he will forget about what you are rewarding or punishing him, which don’t make any sense in his head.

Another thing to know here is that as a pack leader, you must decide when some action is taken. For example, you decide when you will eat or when you two will travel. A dog will have to obey that. After all, you are his pack leader.

Your leadership is important as well

As a pack leader, you will have to do precisely what is needed at that, right moment. For example, a dog must earn food or a treat. To get it, you will have to act accordingly. Take him for a walk before you give him food or offer him some type of physical activity. The goal is to set your leadership.

It is mandatory to know that all dogs should get food only when they are submissive. In the lack of a better word, a dog won’t obey you if you feed him when he is wrong and right.

All of this means that you must know your pack. When and what they want to do and how they want it. Combined with all the aspects we have mentioned, you will be a successful pack leader and your pack will be stronger than ever.


Becoming a pack leader isn’t a difficult task, but it requires plenty of patience and your authority. If you have both of them, you won’t have problems becoming one.