It is obviously very frustrating when your dog pees on your bed. Not only does it ruin your bed sheet, but it also makes you go through the cleaning process, which can turn out to be a very daunting task.

In some cases, it is normal for your dog to urinate on your bed. Using a positive approach instead of scolding your dog might be a good solution to stop it. Scolding can have a negative impact on the dog and its bond with you, so try to avoid it. You also need to understand the reasons behind your dog’s behavior so that you can help change its behavior.

Medical Reasons

There might be a small chance that your dog has a medical issue that is causing such a behavior. Therefore, if your dog has started to pee on your bed all of a sudden, it is very important that you take it to the vet. Here are a few reasons why your dog’s health might be causing this behavior:


Diabetes is a serious medical condition. It requires supervision and medication. One of its symptoms is frequent urination, which can happen on your bed as well.

Urinary Tract Infection

This infection can get worse by time if not treated. It can also lead to an increase in urination. As the infection spreads, your dog will be in pain and get severely uncomfortable. If your dog shows such signs, waste no time and take it to the hospital.

Psychological Reasons

You don’t need to take your dog to the vet every time it pees on your bed. It is also possible that your dog is trying to communicate something to you.


Dogs often urinate when they are nervous, which is very normal. However, if your dog is severely affected by anxiety, you can take it to the vet, who can provide you with medications to deal with the problem.

Fewer Breaks

A dog often pees when its bladder is full. If you see a puddle of pee on your bed or floor, it is possible that you are not giving your dog enough pee trips outside the house.

Marking Territory

If your dog pees slightly all around the house and bed, this behavior is pretty normal. Dogs have a natural instinct to mark their territories in this way. Taking a positive approach can help you curb this behavior.


If your dog is not given enough attention or love, it might carry out unusual behavior to get your attention like excessive barking, destroying stuff and urinating in unlikely places.

To encourage your dog not to commit such acts, you must understand your pet. For this purpose, you must spend time with it. Spending time can be as simple as taking it for walks. Other approaches may require you to train your dog. In the pursuit to find the answer to this problem, remember to use a positive approach since it is better than scolding your pet.