Are you looking for a breed of dog that is born and bred right in the United States Of America? If so, then you should consider the Bluetick Coonhound. Just like its cousin the Black and Tan Coonhound this breed is one hard-working breed of dog. This breed of coonhound is certainly sweet and affectionate and enjoys a nice snooze in the shade, but do not be fooled by this because when this coonhound is in purist of its prey it is simply relentless. The Bluetick Coonhound goes after its quarry with only one thing in mind and that is capture.

Speedy And Compact

Blueticks are without a doubt very fast and relatively small nocturnal hunters that amongst some of the most effective hunting breeds available. They get their name from the spotted black and blue pattern that appears on their glossy coats. A large male Bluetick can grow to be as big as 27 inches and carry a maximum weight of eighty pounds. However, the females are usually a little bit smaller, but just as good and relentless hunters as the male species. Blueticks are extremely sinewy, but sleek and racy with precision. You will never find a Bluetick that is chunky and clumsy.

Trademark Howl

One of the most recognizable and remarkable things about the Bluetick is its howl. This breed is capable of producing a baying, bawling, and chopping-like bark. Now, many individuals will probably find the breed’s bark a bit annoying or cacophonous, but to the hunter, this howl couldn’t be more perfect.

Droopy Ears

Another thing that is synonymous with the Bluetick is are the droopy ears. People just fall in love with those droopy ears right away and it really is easy to understand why when you lay eyes on them. In addition to this, the breed needs to see that you love him and is very loyal to people who give him that. Show this breed a little love and loyalty and you will have one relentless pursuing machine. The breed is extremely prey driven.

Extremely Prey Driven

You have heard over and over again that the Bluetick breed is prey driven and amongst one of the hardest working breeds available on the market. Well, you really don’t understand how true these statements are until you see an underemployed Bluetick. If you are going to invest in this breed then you are going to want to make sure that you let him or her use its tracking talents. Blueticks have such a relentless drive that if they don’t have an outlet for their hardwired impulses they are going to develop certain problematic behaviors like serenading the neighbors with loud, mournful howls. Simply put, this breed is meant for hard work and tacking.

Moderate Shedding

Most people will probably keep the Bluetick breed outdoors, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be kept indoors as well. In fact, due to their short, glossy coat that only sheds moderately this breed makes a pretty good indoor dog. With weekly brushing from a medium-bristle brush or rubber grooming mitt and you will be able to remove any loose hairs and keep your Bluetick’s coat looking its best. Another good thing about the breed is that they only require occasional baths, unless of course they have gotten unusually dirty out there hunting. As with most breeds of dogs, the Bluetick’s nails should be trimmed on a regular basis. Longer nails will not only cause the dog problems walking around, but it could lead to potential pain. And, with a bred that is so active like this, you certainly don’t want him or her running around with long nails.

Plenty Of Exercise

Now, there are some people that own Blueticks that do not use them for hunting purposes. However, it will be crucial for the dog to get as much exercise as possible. There are times when the dog will enjoy cozying up at his owner’s feet, but this particular breed needs as much exercise as possible due to their hardwired tendencies. This breed is also consider a scent hound due to their innate tracking abilities, which means exercises like agility training and tracking are going to be great outlets. This will give the breed the ability to channel their energy.