Dogs are friendly and intelligent animals, they have been considered to be the man his best friend. This is the reason why we should, to some extent divert our attention and affection to them. Dogs get bored for various reasons and most being; leaving them alone in the house, ignoring them, and not giving them proper physical and mental stimulation. This can sometimes be dangerous to the dog and the surrounding that we share with them. Below are the first boredom signs that you will notice in your dog.   

Destructive behavior        

As a dog owner, you should make sure that you exercise your dog regularly. This helps them to stimulate both mentally and physically, and it is particularly crucial to more energetic dogs. Large dogs need a lot of exercise, failure to which it may lead to boredom. Boredom negatively affects the dog, and one such impact is that the dog becomes destructive. They tend to be destructive when they are left alone in the house, you will be surprised to come home and find all your crucial items damaged. To avoid all these problems, learn to train and exercise your dog every day. 

Changes in Appetite       

Boredom generates stress and depression. When your dog suffers any of the two conditions, it will either start to eat anything it finds or losing interest in its food. This may result in the dog gaining or reducing some weight. When you notice any of these symptoms, it will be a clear indication that your dog is bored. Always look for a way to entertain your dog, so that it’s not bored.         

Tends to seek Attention         

A dog will try to seek attention from the owner when it is bored. When your dog starts to whine, paw, kick, jump or try to get other dogs into the house; they are signs that a dog is looking for physical or mental stimulation.         


When you see your dog constantly changing from one exercise to another and never appears to settle, then it’s bored. A bored dog has a lot of energy, therefore it will look for a way to focus this energy into a more productive outing. It will constantly move from one place to another, this will be a clear sign that your dog is bored and is seeking your attention.               

Always following you      

When your dog keeps following you, it’s also an indication that he is bored. A bored dog is always uncertain what to do, hence he will see you as his only hope. He will follow you from one place to another and monitor you no matter what you do or go. He may run under your feet with an aim that you stumble over him or come across him more often. Other dogs will carry their favorite toy and start to follow you.            

Being sad

A bored dog will act to be sad. He will lie down and lay his chin on the floor, gazing toward you pathetically or sitting down alone. He may as well be changing different positions, sitting still or restless on the ground as he tries to find something interesting to do.       

Trying to leave the yard       

Some dogs are experts when it comes to running away or escaping, this is the follow-up to dig! Dogs will do everything in their power when left alone to leave the yard! Maybe they are looking for you. Or on the other hand, they just want to come out of what they regard as a hostile and cold environment. In any case, it will turn out to dangerous. If it sounds familiar, I strongly encourage you to consider buying a wireless dog fence.


Dogs are social animals and can easily become bored pets. Boredom encourages dogs to look for intriguing activities to do. However, what’s seems to be more fun for your dog can regularly turn to be ruinous to your house and even more hazardous for your dog. To notice signs of a bored dog is easy, but handling his behavior is a hard task. Except if you have children or different dogs to deal with the problem, it is up to you to find methods and techniques to get your puppy to refocus his energy into more productive ways. If you plan to entertain your puppy, it can prevent boredom, which leads to bad habits.