Good Family Dogs That Love People And The Outdoors

Hunting dogs make good family dogs. That is a fact! Why do you think Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the top ranked popular family dogs?

They are great with children and fit well into an active lifestyle. What about the Spaniel group? They also make terrific pets.

People forget that the Cocker Spaniel was once a hunting dog! Or, why do you think your Lab is So crazy fetching a ball all day? He is actually bringing you back a bird.

The Pointers and Setters are also loving, devoted dogs. As long as they receive the exercise they need, they can fit into most family situations.

Hunting dogs do need room to run. These breeds shouldn’t be kept in an apartment all day.

family and dog

A walk in the morning and evening is just not enough, though most are happy to have just that! A good run each day will keep your hunting dog content and conditioned.

The reason they make good family dogs is because they love people and want to please.

good family dog