Good Duck Hunting Dogs

Duck hunting dogs are very popular both as hunters and as pets. Among this group is the king of retrievers, the Labrador. A dominant force in duck hunting circles, these dogs are eager to work in all weather conditions.

While Labradors may reign supreme, there are several other retrievers that do an excellent job on ducks. The Golden retriever is another popular breed.

The ability to get into cold weather and withstand water work is essential with these working breeds.

Other good duck hunting dogs can be found in breeds like the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly Coated, Flat Coated and Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers.

While bird dogs like Pointers and Setters locate the birds for the hunters, the Retrievers job is to go get the downed ducks.

It is then up to the hunter to identify and shoot the right ducks. Mallards are common with their green head, reddish body and blue on the wing, although the hen is more drab in head and body color.

Pintail ducks use all the major flyways but are more common in the west. The way they fly make them appear larger than mallards but theyre actually smaller. Smaller still and among the early migrants is the wood duck, more common in the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways.

ducks hunting dog



These are just a few of the types of ducks found in the wild. Conservation and information sites such as Ducks Unlimited have a great deal of specific information.

You can find information on all aspects of duck hunting with dogs at this site, as well as local organizations.

The organization promotes wetland habitat preservation not only for ducks but also geese and swans from the arctic Alaska to the southern US border.

Over half of our native wetlands are gone and more is drained every year. The National Wetlands Research center offers a great deal of information online as well.

For those willing to brave the cold wet weather, a dinner of roast duck is just one of the possible treats to look forward to. Its a chance to spend time with your dog and build a bond based on what he was bred to do.

Your duck hunting dog is a willing partner, always wanting to please.