Dogs Detect Cancer: True Fact or Myth?

Sniffing dog

Dogs have a special place in our heart, especially when we choose to have one as a pet. They become part of our family, and we get the chance to discover more about them every day. Having a dog at home waiting for you to come back from work every day is a nice way of sharing your life with a devoted animal that is looking to receive love and offer it back to its new friends. However, dogs are also special due to their special skills or senses.

Over time, there have been developed numerous studies about their behavior, and interesting facts have been revealed by specialists about the role of dogs in our life. One of the questions that has always been on specialists’ mind and as a point of interest during research is whether dogs can really detect cancer, how and why. Let’s discover together what specialists have to say from this perspective.

Why Would a Dog Be Interested in Detecting Cancer?

The first logical question that has come to our mind and which specialists have also tried to find an answer to is why dogs would even be interested in detecting cancer. Dogs have been around for thousands of years, time in which they have discovered interesting things about their human friends the same way we have discovered about them. When you offer food and shelter to a dog, he perceives you differently and becomes emotionally attached to you. When you offer love and attention to a dog, he starts perceiving you as an important part of his life and becomes more interested in everything that has to do with you.

Special, Natural Senses Mae Them Great Detectives

Dogs have a special sense of spotting all sorts of dangers. This skill has been part of their life forever, helping them keep themselves and the ones they love safe. This is one of the possible explications behind the theory that they can detect health conditions such as cancer. They have a natural insist on providing for us and protecting us the same way we provide for them and protect them.

Therefore, their special senses help them detect even the slightest changes in your life, especially when they are part of it all the time. Dogs have the ability to sense when something significant occurs in your life both in terms of health and at an emotional level. Have you noticed that when you have a small injury such as a small knife cut your dog smells it? It attracts its attention for being something out of the ordinary, something that affects you.

Fact: Dogs Can Detect Cancer

Following the same logic, the specialists have discovered that dogs can actually smell or better said sense when you are dealing with health conditions such as cancer. It might be due to different signals that you put off without even realizing you do so. It might also be because of your mood changes when you are not doing very well regarding health. Even when you do not know that you have cancer yet fill weak or suspect that something is wrong with your body, the dog will sense that too.

Dogs seem to have been trained to smell the sick scent. However, this is only the case of dogs that have been specially trained for such particular purposes. The others sense it naturally, through the strong connection they have with their owners. Therefore, if you feel lie your dog has detected something special about you and your health, it is good to rely on their natural instincts and make sure everything is fine.