Ways to keep your Dog’s teeth clean

If you are a dog owner, probably you take special care of its health and nutrition, behavior, grooming, and training.

But are you giving the required attention to your dog’s oral hygiene as well?

Oral hygiene…yes!

It is often underrated and ignored. But very few people know that ignoring oral hygiene of your dog can also cost you his life! While some of the most common symptoms include bad breath, ignoring oral hygiene can lead to dental diseases such as tooth loss, painful abscesses, systemic infection in the body, permanent damage of the jaws and heart diseases.

In this article, we help you learn some ways to keep your Dog’s teeth clean.

5 Tips to keep your Dog’s teeth clean

  1. Brushing your Dog’s Teeth

Yes, you got us right! Brushing teeth of your dog is as important as getting their nails trimmed. While you can bet that your dog will detest the idea first, you can train them well to get their teeth brushed at least twice weekly (though the more often, the better!). An important thing to note here is that you must only use the toothpaste that is specifically meant for dogs and not the ones for humans as its ingredients can be toxic to your pet. Use a canine toothbrush too.

  1. Use Dog Tooth Wipes

If you are not comfortable with the idea of brushing your pet’s teeth, using tooth wipes, specially designed for them is also a great solution. They work just like the toothbrushes but are a lot less messy than them. Rub them against your dog’s teeth to get rid of that irritable plaque.

  1. Use dental treats for dogs

One of the easiest and the most productive ways to get rid of all the dental troubles of your dog is to treat them with dental treats. These are available in several shapes, sizes and flavors and your dog is simply going to love them. The ingredients in these dental treats help to freshen up the breath, remove plaque and also leave your pet’s mouth clean and fresh.

  1. Use dog chews

There is a great variety of dog chews available on the market and almost all of them have properties that help to clean your pet’s teeth. The act of chewing and gnawing over these dog chews helps in maintaining oral hygiene and removing plaque from the teeth.

  1. Try Professional cleaning

In case you do not wish to get into any of these above but want to pick up the most simple way to maintain the oral hygiene of your pet, try taking them out for a professional cleaning to your Veterinarian. Your vet knows the best about your dog and can give immediate help if she locates any issues. While this tip might be more expensive than all the above-mentioned ones, it is actually worth it.

You can also choose to take your pet for a professional cleaning only occasionally and use all the other options on a regular basis.