If you have been racking your brains trying to stop fleas on your dog, welcome to the club. It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter how clean your house, apartment or condo may be. Fleas on dogs is simply one reality pet owners just have to live with.

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably are already aware that there are serious health risks for your canine companion if you use the standard anti-flea chemical solutions. From allergic reactions to accidental ingestion, there are so many headaches you risk getting into. If you want something more natural and low impact, you might want to consider the following options to stop fleas on dogs.

Dowse a Nylon Collar with Natural Essential Oils and Vodka

I don’t know about you but the last time I smelled natural essential oils I had to pinch my nose. To say that they have a strong smell is to put things lightly. They can pack quite a bit of a punch as far as the human nose is concerned. There are pleasant-smelling natural essential oils that still have the same repulsive impact on insects like fleas.

To protect your furry friend with the all-natural flea-repelling power of essential oils, you only need a nylon collar and some vodka. Dowse the nylon collar in essential oils and add vodka to the mix. The vodka tends to disperse the essentials through evaporation. By making sure your dog wears its nylon collar and dowsing it at regular intervals, your pet can enjoy an all-natural way to stop flea infestations.

Spray Eucalyptus-Steeped Water in Your Yard

Fleas tend to hang out in vegetation in outdoor areas. Even if you keep your home spotless, the moment your pet plays around in the yard, it’s at risk of attracting fleas. By proactively spraying water steeped in eucalyptus in your yard, you can repel quite a bit of your outdoor flea population. This does not necessarily is going to kill or drive all of them away, but it can do a good enough job to reduce your dog’s flea exposure.

Try not to overdo it though. Eucalyptus’ smell may not agree with your pet, and your dog might go nuts trying to get the scent of him or her. Also, make sure you rake or clean your surrounding areas to scatter fleas and other insects that can make your four legged companion’s life a hassle.

Add Brewer’s Yeast to Your Dog’s Food

When you add brewer’s yeast to your dog’s food, your dog starts becoming healthier. Its probiotic balance becomes healthier, and a healthier dog can usually resist flea infestations. It can usually resist flea infestations when you use the other all-natural flea management techniques outlined in this article. Never underestimate the role health plays in enabling you to stop fleas on dogs.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on Your Pet’s Fur

Diatomaceous earth or DA is actually made of the skeletons of microscopic prehistoric creatures. These are millions upon millions of microscopic creatures that have a calcium exoskeleton. These skeletal fragments are so small that they can actually cut the external surface of all sorts of organisms from slugs to worms to even fleas. Even though they may not kill fleas altogether, they can make them so miserable that they would leave your pet alone.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on your pet’s fur to temp down any flea infestation. Don’t worry if your pet eats the DA because it’s actually quite harmless to humans and animals.

Mix Nematodes into the Soil Area of Your Pet

Nematodes are microscopic worms. When you mix these microworms into the soil area of your pets, fleas can ingest them. The moment they ingest nematodes is the moment they start to die. Nematodes can cause quite a significant amount of internal damage to fleas and other small organisms that eat them. By regularly mixing nematodes with water and spraying that solution in the soil your dog plays on, you can effectively stop fleas on dogs.

Let Your Pet Drink Diluted Apple Cider

Apple cider has a great effect on your dog’s overall health. It also has an antiparasitic effect. According to many pet owners, apple cider triggers secretion of certain chemicals from your pet’s fur that can have a discouraging effect on fleas. While a lot of this is just anecdotal in nature, apple cider, in general, is a very healthy addition to both human and canine diets. If you’re looking for an all-natural way to stop fleas on dogs, consider adding apple cider to your pet’s drinking water.

Rub Some Diluted Apple Cider onto Your Pet’s Fur

Not only is apple cider a great internal solution to fleas and parasites, but it’s also a handy topical solution. By taking a little bit of apple cider and mixing it with water and then rubbing the mix on your pet’s fur, fleas on your pet might want to call it a day. Apple cider irritates them and would make them want to crawl away. Make sure you apply this solution evenly to your pet’s fur for the best effect.

Boil Some Rosemary and Give Your Dog a Bath with It

Insects are known to hate certain herbs, spices, and plants. Citronella, for example, is quite famous for irritating mosquitos. If you want to give fleas camping out on your dog’s fur a hard time, you only need to boil some rosemary. You probably have eaten your fair share of rosemary if you have tried a wide variety of Italian dishes. Rosemary has a very pleasant smell and doesn’t irritate your dogs. However, if you bath your dog with rosemary water, it’s a potent way to stop fleas on dogs.

If you are suspicious of commercial or synthetic chemical-heavy solutions for stopping fleas, keep the eight tips above in mind. Whether these commercial solutions take liquid or powder or other types of forms, you definitely are quite reasonable to be skeptical. Use natural workarounds instead. They can definitely leave your dog healthier without burning a hole through your pocket.