Pizza is like the god of fast food. No matter which part of the world is taken into consideration, pizza stays the all-time favorite fast food dish for all. The tangy sauces, the super-delicious pepperoni, the gooey cheese, and the classic taste can make anyone fall in love with the circle of happiness!

When there is no food at home, pizza comes to the rescue. People might even share their pizza with their pet dogs. Many dogs might enjoy eating pizza, but the question is whether pizza is a healthy option for dogs. That’s exactly what we are here to answer.

Is It Safe to Feed Pizza to a Dog?

The ingredients that combine to form pizza can please any human being, but the same ingredients might become a threat to the health of dogs. There are a lot of ingredients in a pizza that are very dangerous for a dog. Hence, the consumption of pizza can put your furry buddy’s health in jeopardy.

For all those asking whether it is safe to feed their pups a slice of pizza, the answer is no! Even a small portion can be poisonous for a puppy. Therefore, all pet owners who have dogs in their home need to keep pizza as far as possible from their canines.

Garlic and Onions – The Death Threat

The most dominant ingredients in pizza are garlic and onion. Most people love the touch of garlic and sprinkled onion on pizza. However, these two ingredients are a death threat for a dog. Garlic and onion are toxic for dogs, and they expose them to severe illnesses.

Garlic, whether in powder or liquid form, is no less than poison for animals, especially our furry companions running around at home. Garlic and onion along with chives and leeks make up the Allium family, and the intake of any member of the Allium family can cause toxicity in dogs. Allium toxicity attacks red blood cells, causing them to rupture and resulting in anemia.

Soon after a dog consumes any member of the Allium family, the signs will begin to appear. Paleness in gums, increased heartbeat, faster respiratory rate and weakness are the symptoms of Allium toxicity.

Cheese – The Obesity Drug

Pizza has a high amount of cheese. The more cheese a pizza is made with, the better it tastes. Pizza is dripping with cheese, which is dangerous not just for dogs but even for humans.

Feeding a dog cheese is the worst thing you can do. When you let your dog eat pizza, you are contributing to its obesity.

Unlike garlic and onions, cheese is not toxic for dogs, but it can disturb the balance in its digestive system, causing diarrhea and vomiting. A lot of dogs are lactose intolerant as well, so the consumption of cheese can cause life-threatening illnesses.

Pepperoni – Danger to Digestion

The pepperoni that people love so much is an extremely dangerous ingredient for canines. The spiciness can upset their stomachs and cause toxicity. Not only does pepperoni cause digestive problems in dogs, but it can cause pain in their mouths. Dogs are not fond of the spiciness, and the consumption of spicy ingredients such as pepperoni can make them suffer.

Salt – A Dog Killer

Pizza has a high content of salt as well. The intake of salt might seem like a casual thing to most dog owners, but many do not realize that salt contains sodium, which is a dog killer. Pizza contains a high amount of salt as it enhances the taste, but it can put the life of a dog in danger.

Pizza is nothing more than extra calories for a dog. By feeding it a slice of pizza, dog owners are contributing to their unstable health and, in the worst case, even death. Obesity and pancreatitis are just a few illnesses a dog might endure after eating pizza. Instead of feeding your pet empty calories in the form of pizza, you must serve an equivalent amount of healthy dog food.