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Understanding dog body language

Understanding dog body language is extremely helpful when communicating with your dog. Like us, dogs communicate their moods through postures, and when we can understand those postures, we can finally understand what a dog is doing and why it’s doing it. A lot of dog postures communicate desires, moods, and ranks. They’re easily interpreted by canines, but not people. We may for example misinterpret a wagging tail as a sign of friendliness when it could mean a dog is scared and doesn’t want you to hurt it, or it could mean that the dog will bite you if you...

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True Fact: Dogs Can Make Us Happier and Healthier!

When a dog becomes your new family member, a lot of changes will occur in your life as well as his existence. Everything good in terms of relationships starts with an accommodation period, followed by constant, good communication and growth. When you discover the magic of getting along with your dog, his presence in your life will become the magical experience that you were looking for. A dog is always there to play with you and cannot wait for your next walking session. He loves to receive attention from you and will always be willing to bring joy into...

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The Most Popular Hunting Dog Breeds

Dogs are special animals with natural instincts and peculiar skills that they have developed over time and which are inherited from generation to generation. There are numerous types of special breeds that people admire across the globe. Every dog that is from a specific breed features peculiarities as well as personal traits that differentiate it from other dogs. Hunting breeds have always been popular because the dogs that are part of these have special skills that make them great observers and hunters. They have a special way of sensing danger and their hunting skills can be easily enhanced through...

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Dogs Detect Cancer: True Fact or Myth?

Dogs have a special place in our heart, especially when we choose to have one as a pet. They become part of our family, and we get the chance to discover more about them every day. Having a dog at home waiting for you to come back from work every day is a nice way of sharing your life with a devoted animal that is looking to receive love and offer it back to its new friends. However, dogs are also special due to their special skills or senses. Over time, there have been developed numerous studies about their...

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Good Duck Hunting Dogs

Duck hunting dogs are very popular both as hunters and as pets. Among this group is the king of retrievers, the Labrador. A dominant force in duck hunting circles, these dogs are eager to work in all weather conditions. While Labradors may reign supreme, there are several other retrievers that do an excellent job on ducks. The Golden retriever is another popular breed. The ability to get into cold weather and withstand water work is essential with these working breeds. Other good duck hunting dogs can be found in breeds like the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly Coated, Flat Coated...

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