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Whether you’re a new or an old dog owner, you very well know how hard it can be to keep up with your dog’s playful energy. But with the right accessories, you can easily bond with your furry child and keep that playful energy alive. 

Refresh your dog’s life with these chewy, lightweight, durable, and flexible balls. These are perfect for chewing, teething, crate training, digging and barking, and so much more. If your dog seems to be low on energy lately, this is also the perfect toy. 


Factors to keep in mind when buying dog ball

As you should with all things, you should always keep an eye out for important factors that weigh in on the final make of the product. Here are some factors to consider prior to buying one of these indestructible dog balls.

  • Durability: before you make any purchases for your pets, check the strength and durability of the item. Dogs often play with their chewy ball a lot, so it should be flexible yet strong enough to take some destructive blows from their sharp teeth.
  • Material: as mentioned above dogs love to chew and bite, whether it’s your slipper or a play ball. So in order to stop your dog from consuming any toxic fumes, always check the composition of the material and buy the ones which are non-toxic.
  • Size: these indestructible balls for dogs often come in many sizes as dogs vary in sizes according to different breed so make sure you buy the right size for your furry friend. If the ball is too small or too big, your dog will have difficulty in playing with it.

Focusing on all the essential factors, we have gathered a list of the best indestructible balls for dogs available out here. Check it out!

9 Best Indestructible Dog Balls Reviews


1. Chuckit!

For those of you who are looking for a lightweight and colorful ball, this is the ultimate ball for you and your furry friend. It comes in two bright colors, orange and blue to easily grab your dog’s attention during playtime.

With a thick rubber core and a lightweight structure, this ball is made to last long. Overall, it features material made with natural rubber providing a better bounce, float, and durability. It’s also easy to clean and can withhold dirt and slobber.

The ball comes in a pack of 2, which are available in 5 different sizings to fit all breeds of dog. These balls can also be used with the ball launcher for dogs, also made by chuckit!


Key features:

  • Colorful design
  • Bounces at a great height
  • Lightweight and durable

2. Chew king

Tired of using heavy and unpleasant ball? Switch to this triple pack of unbreakable dog balls from chew king. With this in hand, your furry pal will play fetch with you for a long time.

In terms of material, it’s made with natural rubber, which gives the ball its stable shape, durability, and consistent bounce. With even a space for treat holder at the center, you can reward your dog with a delicious treat after a long day of training.

Designed with safety in mind, it is chemical-free and air vented to prevent your dog’s tongue from getting stuck between the treat holders. These are available in 2 sizes, 2.5 “diameter medium ball and a 3” diameter large ball.


Key features:

  • Comes in a triple pack, gives value for money
  • Multiple sizing options
  • Safety air vents

3. Doggie Dooley

Is your dog just a tad bit more aggressive than the normal? This is the perfect fit for you and your pet who loves pushing and herding a little too much.

Made from hard plastic, this ball will offer you with a limitless supply of durability and playtime. Sure enough, this ball by Doggie Dooley is the ultimate indestructible dog toy ball.

Not only does it play well on the hard surface but it also floats well on the water, owing to its lightweight stability. The ball itself is very light weighing at around just 1.5 pounds, perfect for your dog to push and play around.

With its large sizing and hard surface, this one is ideally recommended for large dogs of over 60lbs with a lot of play power.


Key features:

  • Hard material surface
  • Light and floats well
  • Ideal for large dogs

4. Chew king

With great design, durability, and size, this one will surely keep up with your dog’s playful spirit all year long.

In terms of its look and design, this comes in a black colored surface with material made from extreme quality rubber for flexibility and durability. It has a hole drilled in the center.

You can use this hole feature to customize it according to your dog’s needs. You can maybe tie a rope around it and hang it for your dog to play or put some treat inside it while going for a walk to the park.

This ball is also provided with a puncture-resistant feature to give your dog a continuous safe play. This one comes in the sizing of medium and large, ideal for large and semi-large dogs.


Key features:

  • Centre hole feature to insert things like treats
  • Durable
  • Ideal for semi-large and large dogs

5. Jolly pets

Are you getting tired of throwing out deflated and punctured ball? This next item from Jolly pets is the perfect tough dog ball for you. With this, you don’t have to deal with spending lots of money anymore.

Made from its Jolly flex material, the ball will easily retain and manage its shape even as it gets punctured. The design of the ball is provided with a textured surface to ensure easy grip even when it’s wet.

This one comes in 3 vibrant colors, green, blue, and orange with a playing capacity for dogs weighing over 40lbs. Perfect on land and perfect on water, this ball can be fetched from just about anywhere.


Key features:

  • Great grip even when it’s wet
  • Multiple color option
  • Anti-deflating feature

6. Ruff Dawg

Nothing screams safe and durable dog ball like this next item. Your dog deserves to have a healthy companionship so make sure you give them one.

Made from heavy-duty solid rubber, this one can surely take a few hits here and there from your dog’s heavy canine blows. It measures up to 3.5 inches in diameter, great for large-sized dogs or even small dogs with a lot of teeth power.

The ball is consistently great for high-bouncing, floating, long-distance throw, and it’s also gentle and easy on the dog’s teeth and gum. To enable easy detection, it comes in bright neon colors. The Ruff Dawg call also features a completely recyclable non-toxic material content.


Key features:

  • Made from safe, non-toxic material
  • Consistent ball play
  • Features easy to spot neon colors

7. Wingpet

This is a ball that offers a combination of unique design and great versatility, making it ideal for dog owners looking at providing a non-toxic chewy toy for their teething furry babies.

The Wingpet dog ball comes from the material composition of all-natural rubber to consistently provide strength and durability. Hands down, this is one of the top indestructible dog balls made to resist aggressive and heavy bites. It provides great bounce performance while keeping the jaws strong.

In the case of the design, it has a unique irregular shape with a solid texture core to prevent any kind of swallowing. It’s easy to clean and any dirt can be wiped off in ease with a damp cloth.


Key features:

  • Unique design to prevent swallowing
  • The solid core structure for added durability and strength
  • Easy to clean

8. Monster k9 Dog Toys

This ball certainly lives up to its name, withstanding a fair amount of destruction. The Monster k9 Dog Toys is made from a tough, quality strength industrial natural rubber in a solid design for heavy-duty purposes.

The ball has a size of 7 cm diameter, perfect for easy throw and fetching. It is ideal for any medium and large-sized dogs. As approved by a lot of aggressive chewers like German shepherds and Pitbulls, this ball will fare well with your dog.

Overall, the ball retains great stability and play consistency. It is also extremely safe as it is made from a non-toxic natural rubber material. The chewy and flexibility structure will aid in keeping your dog’s teeth and gum safe as well.


Key features:

  • Stable and consistent structure
  • Ideal for aggressive chewers
  • Non-toxic material

9. Planet Dog

The boredom days for your dogs are over! Fill your furry friend’s day with energizing and interactive play with this quality made ball. Designed for even the most extreme and heavy chewers, you don’t need to worry about its durability.

This ball features a rough and rug textured surface to withstand any kind of hard, soft, or rough play. The ball is also great on water and floats with great stability. The material of the ball is made of non-toxic, phthalate-free and recyclable material.

The design of the ball includes durable surface and easy to spot bright colors, orange, and steel which are available in 2 different sizes. The ball is also infused with a mint-flavored natural oil to ensure fresh dog breaths every time your dog takes a bite into it.


Key features:

  • Mint infused ball for fresh doggy breath
  • Recyclable
  • Great on any surface with good grip


Your dog gives you so much joy and company that it’s only fair for you to provide them with an energizing tool to keep up with their playful behavior. With these dog balls, not only will you get to train them and fulfill their chewy tendencies but you’ll also get to spend quality time with your dog. 

Dog accessories are heavily sought out these days so chances are the market is filled with a variety of dog balls so be very careful in choosing a quality made product. To further help you, make sure you read up on the material components, it’s sizing, and the durable strength of the product.