Indestructible Dog Bed – Buying Guide

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As a dog owner, you already know that some dogs like to chew up their belongings. In fact, there is a good chance that you’ve returned home to find pieces of your dog’s toys or bed strewn across the house. This can be incredibly annoying and it is a mess to clean up. On top of that, you’re probably going to be concerned for your dog. What is causing him or her to be so aggressive? Investing in one of the tough dog beds will definitely help. Below, you’ll learn all about durable dog beds and why dogs chew in the first place.


Why Do Dogs Like To Destroy Things?

It is true that some dogs will not need a chew proof dog bed. Some dogs are content with being left alone and they will not go haywire and chew up their belongings. Nevertheless, there are plenty of dogs that exhibit this type of behavior and the causes are numerous. Destructive chewing is a serious problem for you and your dog. Not only will it create a mess, but it could also lead to your dog chewing up something dangerous. So, what causes destructive chewing?

dog bed

If you spend a lot of time with your dog, there is a good chance that he is going to become anxious when he is left alone. This is a natural reaction and it is one of the most common causes of destructive chewing. When experiencing separation anxiety, there is a good chance that your pooch will bark and whine too. They may become restless and pace back and forth. In some severe cases, the dog may urinate or defecate.

Fabric Sucking

Weaning a dog too early will cause many problems. This can often lead to fabric sucking, which causes a dog to lick, chew and suck at fabrics. If this problem continues for a long period of time, it may actually become compulsive.

They’re Hungry

In some cases, destructive chewing can actually be a sign of hunger. This is very common for dogs that have been put on a calorie restricted diet. These dogs may attempt to chew objects in hopes of acquiring more nutrition. With this problem, dogs will almost always chew objects that resemble or smell like food.


Dogs and humans are very similar. When a baby is teething, they’re going to chew on lots of stuff. This is true for dogs too. This usually happens between the ages of four and six months. Don’t worry, because it isn’t going to last forever. Just give it time and the problem should fix itself.

They’re Bored

There is also a possibility that your dog is simply bored. To rectify this problem, you should make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercises. Find a way to keep him or her occupied even when you’re not at home. Or, take them for a long walk before you step out of the door in the morning.

What Is Important While Choosing The Best Chew Proof Dog Bed?

Are you looking for an indestructible pet bed? The truth of the matter is that there are plenty of strong dog beds on the market, but some are better than others. To ensure that you’re able to get the right bed for your dog, you’re going to need to do a little bit of research. Below, you’ll learn which factors are the most important.


First and foremost, you need to make sure that you choose an anti-chew dog bed that is actually durable. This is likely the most important factor of all. After all, your dog is going to do its best to tear that sucker to pieces. You really need the most durable dog bed you can find. This is even more essential, if your dog is a heavy chewer. The bed should be able to handle everything your furry friend throws its way.


A non-chewable dog bed will actually be much thicker than the alternatives. If the material is very thin, there is a good chance that your dog is going to rip it to pieces very quickly. Make sure that the material is thick enough to withstand your dog’s bite.


Quality is also very important. While you’re looking for the best dog beds for chewers, you also want to make sure that your bed of choice is going to withstand the test of time. A solid indestructible dog bed should not fall apart after a few months. Once your dog has slept in it, the bed should spring right back into shape. It should not sink in the middle. If it does, there is a good chance that you’re going to have to replace the bed before you know it.

Washable And Stain Resistant

You already know that dogs can be incredibly messy. In fact, they won’t care what your home looks like. This is why you need to make sure that you choose a dog bed that is actually going to be easy to keep clean. First and foremost, you should choose one that is capable of resisting stains. This will prevent problems in the long run. After all, your pooch could urinate on his bed at some point. It is also pertinent to choose a bed that is washable. At the very least, the bed’s cover should be removable and washable. This will make a huge difference in the long run and ensure that your bed of choice lasts as long as humanly possible.


Finally, you should step into your dog’s shoes. Would you be willing to sleep in an uncomfortable bed? The answer is likely no. You would want the most comfortable bed possible. You should treat your dog with the same respect. Do your research and make sure that the bed is actually comfortable. If it is not, there is a good chance that your pooch won’t even use it!

Reviews of the Best Idestructible Dog Beds

Dogbed4less Premium Durable Dog Bed

If you want to give your small to medium sized dog the ultimate treatment when it comes to comfort, you need to consider investing in the Dogbed4less. Not only are these beds handmade and crafted right here in the United States of American, but they are stuffed with shredded mix memory foam padding to ensure your dog gets the utmost comfort.

Two Durable Layers Of Cover

If you have a dog that often times chews on his bed, you are going to love the Dogbed4less. This bed is constructed of two different durable covers. Located on the inside of the bed you will find a breathable waterproof cover. On the outside, you will find a tough ballistic nylon cover. Not only is this an extremely durable material, but it is also double stitched to provide the durability and reliability that pet owners need for those rough and gnawing pets.

Notable Specifications

Dogbed4less is the ultimate provider when it comes to comfort and reliability. With its durable construction and memory foam design, your dog will truly thank you for investing in this amazing and comfortable bed.

  • Two extremely durable covers
  • Double stitched to provide more durability
  • Six-inch thick insert provides maximum comfort
  • Memory foam padding adds more comfort
  • Made in the United States
  • Only designed for medium to small sized dogs

HuggleHounds Chew Resistant Bed

When it comes to providing your dog with the utmost comfort, there is simply nothing better than the HuggleHounds Chew Resistant Bed. This bed is extremely resilient and available in three unique different colors. You can choose from Atlantic Night, Belgian Chocolate, or Champagne. Whether you are trying to match the interior of your home or your dog’s house, there should be a color available for your very specific needs.

One-Time Replaceable Cover

Not only is this bed designed with a chew proof outer layer, but it is also 100% waterproof. This makes the bed extremely resilient and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. In fact, HuggleHounds is so confident in their product that they are willing to offer all of their customers a one-time cover replacement guarantee with the proof of purchase. In the event that the cover gets damaged or wet, just contact the company, show them proof of purchase, and they will replace the cover free of charge.

Overall Assessment

If you are looking for a dog bed with guarantees, durability, and reliability, you will not find anything better than the HuggleHounds Chew Resistant Bed.

  • One-time free replaceable cover
  • 100% chew proof and waterproof
  • Available in three different colors
  • Available in medium, large, and extra large
  • Machine washable
  • The company doesn’t sell replacement covers

Orvis Toughchew Comfortfill Dog Bed

The Orvis Dog Bed is a dog pillow that was specifically designed for the tough and chewing dog. With its ultimate chew-resistant fabric, you can rest assured knowing that your four-legged friend will not be able to tear through this material. However, don’t let the tough design fool you, because the bed was also constructed and designed with comfort in mind. Your dog will get the best night’s sleep of his life, while utilizing this bed.

Super-Cushy Polyester

Located on the inside of the Orvis Dog Bed, you will find a super-cushy polyester material that is capable of providing your dog with the utmost comfort at all times. In addition to this, the bed comes equipped with a removable cover that can easily be removed and cleaned. The bed in so tough that it even features a solid brass zipper that is capable of standing up to the harshest punishment.

Overall Assessment

When it comes to toughness and comfort, you will not find anything more qualified than the Orvis Dog Bed.

  • Outer layer is constructed of 1,000-denier nylon
  • Inner layer is stuffed with super-cushy polyester
  • 100% money back guarantee if your dog chews through it
  • Available in several color schemes
  • Solid brass zipper
  • Removable cover
  • Might have an odd odor at first

K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Large Dog Bed

The K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Large Dog Bed is a moderately affordable bed that will be able to fend off everything your dog throws its way. This bed is available in many sizes and tons of colors. The bed is good for light, moderate and heavy chewers. The company claims that it is virtually indestructible. It is a suitable option for dogs that likes to chew a lot.


This bed is equipped with a unique super durable ripstop ballistic material. The material is capable of withstanding chewing and scratching. It will also remain clear of hair, dirt and odors. The material is immensely easy to keep clean. It can be wiped down or you can throw it in the washer.

120-Day Chew Proof Guarantee

Another thing to note is that this bed is covered by a 120-day chew proof guarantee. If your dog is able to damage the bed within 120 days, the company will replace the cover for free! Suffice to say, there is no risk involved here.

Overall Assessment

The K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Large Dog Bed is a good option for some dogs, but not all. The price is right on target and it is protected by a 120-day chew proof guarantee.

  • Great for light to moderate chewers
  • Cover resists chewing and scratching
  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Can be machine washed
  • Covered by a 90-day chew proof guarantee
  • Available in tons of colors and several sizes
  • Not ideal for heavy chewers

Kuranda Dog Bed

The Kuranda Dog Bed is designed with durability in mind. After all, it is manufactured from aluminum. Plus, this bed is suitable for inside and outside use. It is slightly expensive, but there is a good chance that this bed is going to last a lifetime. Therefore, you’ll soon find out that it is well worth the extra price. The bed is also available in numerous sizes. This helps to ensure that it will be able to accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Weight And Colors

The bed’s frame is capable of supporting up to 250 pounds of weight. The lightweight aircraft grade aluminum is very durable. With this bed, you will never have to worry about collapses. If you’re worried about keeping your home stylish, this bed is for you. It is available in numerous colors, including smoke, khaki, forest green, and burgundy.

Overall Assessment

Despite two minor flaws, the Kuranda All Aluminum Dog Bed is a great investment. As long as you can get your dog to use it, this bed is a good choice. It will last a lifetime and your dog won’t be able to tear it to pieces.

  • Available in tons of different sizes
  • Frame can support up to 250 pounds
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Totally chew proof
  • Some dogs won’t like it
  • A little assembly is required