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Raising a dog can be challenging at times. Dogs have a huge reservoir of energy and a knack for constantly running or chasing after things. This combination can eventually lead to your dog getting lost somewhere in the woods or elsewhere – a situation every dog owner dreads.

So, is there anything you can do to keep this worry away and in check? You can try keeping them inside or taking them out in leashes, but that probably won’t be the best for their health, so the best thing to do is invest some few bucks on purchasing a GPS tracker and collar.

This is the most reliable way for you to ensure their safety. Apart from their safety, think about all the time you could save by not having to look for your dog everywhere constantly. Simply tap on to their location and find them in an instant with these trackers. 


How does GPS dog trackers work? 

GPS pet trackers are usually put on the collars of the dog. These trackers make use of Global Positioning Systems or GPS to track your pet in real-time, giving you access to their physical location on a map via an app or website on your phone. To make all of this work, GPS trackers usually connect to cellular networks or devices with a network connection.

If you don’t have a GPS tracker or even if you do, you have to know the types of trackers available and how it works. These trackers use different kinds of systems and technology in order to ping out the location. Let’s take a look at it. 

  • Cellular trackers: these make use of a transmitter, which is usually attached to the dog’s collar. This transmitter device has a chip on the inside to receive a signal from the GPS satellites, which then sends the location coordinates to the smartphone which the tracker is connected or registered to. By using the cellular network connection on your phone, you’re able to gain access to the location either through an app or a website. 
  • Wi-Fi trackers: this works very similarly to any cellular tracker. The difference is that it uses a Wi-Fi connection to determine the location of the dog or the module device attached to the collar. This wireless network uses the Wi-Fi towers available nearby for positional reference. This is good for increasing the location accuracy. 
  • GPS trackers: these type of trackers usually contains a GPS device and a collar in the package. They don’t require to pay any additional monthly fee – they are self-sufficient. They work by connecting to the GPS satellites and by connection device – collar. One of the best device of this type is Garmin Alpha.
  • Bluetooth trackers:these work by pairing the transmitter with a smartphone. The transmitter is then attached to the collar of the dog. A smartphone app is used to check in with the distance and direction of the collar. These are good for short distances as it has limited connectivity range due to its connection to Bluetooth and not a cellular network.
Best GPS Dog Tracker

The benefits of using GPS dog tracker

We all know every product hits the market simply to serve and benefit its users, so here are some ways to get the best benefit from using a GPS dog tracker.

  • The first and most important one is that it keeps your dog safe. Safety is a top priority for every dog owner, and this is one that covers this concern very well.
  • Helpful for anxiety-prone dogs as they have a habit of bolting away.
  • Good for monitoring health. GPS trackers don’t just locate your dog. The device also keeps your dog’s health and fitness in check.
  • These devices are compatible with any smartphone, which is a great thing as you can easily get notifications and updates concerning your dog even when you’re away from them.
  • Value for money. These trackers are certainly not cheap, but they make up for the price by giving some of the most advanced features needed to keep your dog safe.
  • Saves a lot of search time for you. Whenever your dog gets lost or stolen, you can simply tap on to the location of their tracker via your smartphone and quickly wrap up your search.
  • Improves your dog’s walking activities by keeping up and monitoring their walking distance, routes, and the amount of time they spend on it.

Factors to look out for before making a purchase 

A lot of things affect the overall usability of a product. Especially when it comes to electronic devices required for daily use. So, for a product to be whole on its appeal and functionality, it needs to have certain defining features.

  • Range: tracking devices are all about the good range and connectivity. Without this, it’s impossible to get any kind of signal regarding your dog’s whereabouts. Since every company offers a different range for their GPS trackers, go for the ones which provide the longest and farthest range.
  • Monthly fee: GPS dog trackers require a monthly service fee payment, but some trackers do not come with this charge. These monthly payments are charged at different prices according to different companies. There are monthly payment plans and also yearly plans. So carefully choose the plan which suits your financial taste better.
  • Waterproof: dogs tend to roam outside a lot, even in harsh rainy conditions. So to make sure the device does not short out during these situations, opt for the waterproof GPS dog tracker. Not only are they useful when raining, but it can also protect the device from any kind of water spills.
  • Battery life: durable, long battery life is crucial in any electronic device. Good battery life draws the line between saving and losing your dog. Every tracker comes with a chargeable feature these days. Battery life and charge fully depends on its capacity. Some last for hours and some for days with a good charge.
  • Durability: the thing about fast produced technological products is that they have all the advanced features and functions but lacks in actually having a long-lasting use. To keep your tracker in good condition for a long time you have to go for the ones which provide the best material and tech both on the inside and outside.
  • Size and weight: a bulky tracker can make your dog easily irritated and done with the device. Since trackers are often out on dog collars, they have to be compatible enough for the dog to be comfortable with it. Lightweight and small-sized trackers are considered best as it’s not heavy on the neck and lowers the chances of falling off due to heaviness.

To help navigate your search for the best GPS dog trackers, we have compiled a list of 5 GPS trackers. You can check the list down below!


GPS Dog Trackers Reviews

1. Garmin Astro 430/T 5

Garmin Astro 430/T 5

If you want a vibrant and reliable tracker collar with a lot of speed for your dog, check out the Astro 430/T 5 from Garmin. This speedy tool has a lot to offer! And with their expanded tracking capacity, you can track up to 20 dogs. 

This tracker runs on an update rate of 2.5 seconds to provide precise and fast location tracking. Even when your dog’s on the run, you can catch them with ease. It also packs up on a massive 9-mile range capacity. Since dogs can’t get too far, this is the perfect range.  

To enable tackling challenging environment while on the search, it comes with a GPS/GLONASS reception. This provides a better and improved satellite reception. The Astro 430 also features a preloaded TOPO U.S 100K mapping system along with a free 1-year subscription of the BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. 

For keeping up and monitoring with your dogs’ activity, it comes with a hunt metric data which shows you the distance, time afield, route patterns, and more. This will help you to properly map out which roads and areas your dog frequents.

In terms of battery, you get to have 2 options. A rechargeable in-unit battery pack which can last for about 20 hours or standard double-A battery. 

To make things even better, this tracker comes packed with several tools and accessories to assist you. Which includes the dog device along with a battery pack, orange-colored collar, AC adapter, USB cable, and more.

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  • Comes with optional batteries
  • Free 1-year satellite imagery subscription
  • Great color aesthetic


  • Not compatible with other dog collars

2. Garmin Alpha 100 bundle

Garmin Alpha 100 bundle

The Alpha 100 is yet another great dog tracker from Garmin. With this tracking device, there’s absolutely no need for you to worry about attaching any kind of tracking module as it comes paired with a collar and a handheld device, making it easily one of the best GPS dog collars.

This comes in a handheld device with a 3-inch color display along with tone and vibration alerts. The device ramps up to a 9-mile distance range. You can also set up alerts for when your dog crosses the virtual boundary set up with its geofence feature. You can immediately call up your dog whenever you get the alerts. 

This device can track as many as 20 dogs. And with the help of the preloaded TOPO U.S. 100 k map, you can easily and quickly detect your dog’s location without any device glitch. This isn’t simply a tracking device but it also doubles as a training device for your dogs.

Track every movement of your dog with this device! The handheld Alpha 100 device measures speed, distance, as well as the direction of your dog. You can further get notifications whenever your dog is ‘on point’ or ‘treed’. The device includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a battery life of up to 20 hours. 

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  • Geofence feature
  • Doubles as a training device
  • Fast connection to a satellite


  • Quite pricey

3. Petfon Pet GPS tracker

Petfon Pet GPS tracker

This is perhaps one of the most stylish dog tracker ever made. The Petfon Pet GPS tracker is the ultimate device for those who desire compact functional devices with an aesthetic appeal. 

The device has a compact feel with a square-shaped design in an all-black color, perfect size and color to assist your dog. These are good for both training and keeping track of your dog. 

No more paying the bills! This device requires no monthly fee, along with which there’s also no need for any kind of cellar data. This is a device that solely runs on a combination of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as long-distance transmission tech to give you access to even the most remote places without any cellular coverage.

It’s easy to use and also features a mobile app that you can install and use from any smartphone. The rainproof and lightweight feature makes the tracker much more convenient for use in tough weather conditions and also adds in on its durability.

In terms of distance and battery, the device can cover about 0.65 miles in congested areas and about 3.5 miles in large open areas. A total of 8-16 hours battery stand-by is provided which you can recharge several times a day. 

A geofence, multi-colored alarm, as well as custom voice, are provided to further increase its functionality. You can put up safe areas to commute with your pet’s location and get instant notification when they step out of it. Colorful lights encourage easy and safe navigation during night-time. You can also add and store voice commands on the tracker.  

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  • Great visual and lightweight structure
  • Easy to use   
  • No monthly fee requirement


  • Device covers only a moderate distance

4. Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

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Next up on our list is another sleek and compact dog tracker from the brand Findster. With high-functioning features and no cellular bills to pay, this is easily one of the best GPS dog trackers for your furry friend.

The device comes in a compact size with a sleek and smooth surface design, perfect to complement any doggy collar. It doesn’t require any kind of sim card insertion or cellular coverage as well, thanks to its MAZE technology. It tracks your pets in real-time and you can set up instant alerts for your dog by setting up a safe location area around the tracker.  

Looking at its range capacity, this tracker covers from 0.5 miles to 3 miles, depending on the area you’re in. Urban areas have a lower range and open outdoor areas have a higher range. The battery life is also highly dependent on your usage, lasting from anywhere between 12h to 3 days.

This is perfect not just for your urban environment but you can also use this in off-grid places without cellular coverage. The tracker nodules are compatible for dogs above 8lbs, it also provides waterproof as well as a shock-resistant feature for added durability.

With an annual membership, you can also check in on your dog’s health by having your vet monitor it 24/7. This is great, especially if your dog is sick or injured. You can cancel the membership whenever you want to. 

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  • Health monitoring
  • Supports places with no cell service
  • Clear and easy setup


  • Short-range coverage

5. Whistle 100-04203-00 Go Explore

Whistle 100-04203-00 Go Explore

If you’re looking for a specific dog tracker with a lot of battery power to compliment you and your dog’s outdoor activities, then this is the perfect match for you. You can add a little bit color along with that by making a selection out of 6 available colors.  

With a massive battery life of up to 20 days, start spending more time on outside adventures with your dog and less time charging the device. Despite its huge power capacity, it varies according to how much time your dog spends indoors and outdoors. 

The device requires a monthly or annual subscription. The plans are quite affordable and cover any AT&T network connection for tracking and monitoring your dog. Wi-Fi connection is also required to get the initial whistle set-up, up and running. 

You can assign a designated area for your dog on the device and get instant alerts via text, e-mails, or the whistle tracker app whenever your dog sneaks out or escapes the given area. This is a great feature for enabling extra security and protection to the dog and the tracker. 

Also, with its advanced live location tracking system, you can have a distance range of up to 3000 miles. Combine this with the battery power and you get a very durable and convenient dog tracker for outdoor adventuring with your best pal. 

For activity tracking and health monitoring, you’re able to customize your goals base on the age, breed, and weight of your dog. 

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  • Great battery life
  • Long-distance coverage
  • Customizable activity and health monitoring


  • Requires monthly subscription


Any dog feels safer knowing it’s staying in the comfort of their home rather than being lost in the woods or stolen by someone. So, provide your dog with the security they deserve by investing in one of these amazing trackers. 

Trackers are available in all sorts of design, style, different sets of features, and technologies so if you’re really interested or planning on buying it, you have to make sure of the type you want to go for. Expand your area of expertise by looking at product reviews and descriptions.