Top 5 Best Floaters for Dogs

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Most people enjoy the waters, whether it’s a swimming pool, river, sea or lake. Naturally, you’d also want your furry pet to experience that feeling. Keep in mind that dogs are not made by nature to efficiently swim. Hence, they can get fatigued easily while on the water. You don’t want that for your dog, but you still want it to play, right? The perfect solution is a floater for dogs.

Keep in mind that there are different types of dog floaters ranging from inflatable, beads to dog pool floaters with canopies. In fact, the choices are so plentiful that shopping for one can be a confusing task.

To help you with that, this review is going to list a few of the best floaters for dogs.


1. SwimWays Spring Float

The Spring Float is designed by a company known as SwimWays. They are based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The thing is that the company is a subsidiary of Spin Master, a corporation that specializes in creating and manufacturing recreational and leisure water products. It’s no wonder that the SwimWays Spring Float is such an innovative product.

First of all, the SwimWays Spring Float carries Inner Spring Technology, a patented design that allows the floater to be more stable. Also, you can twist and fold the item for portability and easy storage. When you “release” it, the floater will return to its original shape and form.

SwimWays Spring Float is shaped like an oval. The outer ring is where the product gets the buoyancy needed to keep your pet afloat. Inside the oval is a paw-friendly mesh. The mesh is carefully designed to be durable enough to withstand the claws of your furry pet. However, it’s also soft enough not to cause abrasions or any kind of irritation.

The SwimWays Spring Float has two water inlets on opposing sides. This allows some of the water to get in to help cool down your pet. Keep in mind that this dog raft will only allow a certain amount of water to pass in and the danger of sinking is close to non-existent. The SwimWays Spring Float can comfortably hold a weight of 65 pounds. Hence, it can accommodate most large dogs.

Keep in mind that you still need to blow or pump air into the outer ring. It may be a source of inconvenience for you. Also, the floater is designed to allow your pet to get wet.

  • Suitable for large dogs
  • Easy storage and very portable due to the Inner Spring technology
  • Inner mesh is both durable and soft
  • It will allow your pet to get wet, which may be something that you don’t like.

2. PAWCY 6200 Doggy Lazy Raft

With a predominantly bright yellow color, the PAWCY 6200 Doggy Lazy Raft exuberates a summertime vibe. It features a general shape of a dog print, which brings out a distinctively canine feel. However, that’s not all there is to it with this dog pool float.

The first thing that’s worth mentioning about the PAWCY 6200 Doggy Lazy Raft is the primary material, which is crafted from a special vinyl.

The vinyl is very durable. In fact, the company behind it guarantees that dog claws won’t be able to puncture it. This also means that if your dog ever manages to pierce the vinyl with his or her claw, you are eligible for a replacement, or you can get your money back.

The vinyl is also treated with UV light protection. This means that the brightness and color of this dog float are resistant to fading due to sunlight exposure.

Keep in mind that this dog float is designed to keep your furry pet above water. This means your pet can stay dry while you and your dog lounge on a waterhole.

You will still need to inflate or pump air into the PAWCY 6200 Doggy Lazy Raft before you can use it. Also, it’s best that you deflate it when storing as it’s a space-consuming item. On the upside, this dog float is very buoyant. Unless the floater punctures, sinking is never going to happen.

One minor downside of the PAWCY 6200 Doggy Lazy Raft is that it’s not as portable and easy to store as other dog floaties.

  • Comes in a very bright and fun color
  • Primary material is resistant to fading
  • Comes with a guarantee that dog claws won’t be able to puncture it
  • There are other dog water floaters that are more portable and easier to store

3. Swimline Dog Days Bone Float

If you are looking for the best pool float for dogs and the budget is a bit tight, then this may be the perfect option for you. If there’s one thing that you should know about this dog floater, is that it’s crafted by Swimline.

Swimline is a company that has a long history. It was founded in 1971. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the largest designers and manufacturers of swimming pool maintenance equipment, games, toys, and liners. In other words, you’ll be buying a product that’s designed and manufactured by highly experienced experts.

As the name suggests, the Swimline Dog Days Bone Float is shaped like the iconic dog bone. While having a canine design is always nice, it serves a more critical function. Since the shape is wider at the ends and narrower in the middle areas, the floater becomes very stable. Unless someone creates a gigantic wave in the pool, tipping over this dog floater is very difficult to do. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your dog will stay dry and on top of this floater.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of this Swimline Dog Days Bone Float is that it’s very budget friendly. On top of that, it’s crafted from durable materials and designed by experts. In other words, it’s cheap and well worth the money.

One possible downside of the Swimline Dog Days Bone Float is that it may be too basic for you. It doesn’t come with the extra fancy features of other dog floaters. To be fair, this is a very budget-friendly option, and expecting fancy features is downright ridiculous.

  • Designed by a highly experienced company
  • Very stable
  • Budget friendly
  • Might be too basic for you

4. Floating Luxuries FL32501 Kai Infinity Pool Float

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Are you looking for dog rafts for lake? Or, perhaps dog raft for river? If the answer is a yes, then the Floating Luxuries FL32501 Kai Infinity Pool Float is an excellent choice.

The first thing that you need to know about the Floating Luxuries FL32501 Kai Infinity Pool Float is that it doesn’t use air to stay buoyant. Instead, it uses beads to keep your dog above the water. The real benefit with this feature is that there’s no need to hassle yourself with pumping or blowing air so that you can have a floater to use.

This floater is 28 inches wide and 70 inches long. It covers a relatively large surface area which makes it more stable. It’s the reason why it’s an excellent choice for rivers and lakes as the waters might get a bit rough.

This floater can hold up to 300 pounds. That means that it’s suitable for even the largest dogs. Keep in mind that a Saint Bernard, which is one of the heaviest dog breeds, has an average weight of 265 pounds.

The primary material used for covering is a genuine sunbrella, a special kind of fabric that’s specifically designed for marine use. This allows the floater to be fade-resistant and stain resistant. It can also thwart off mold and mildew, which is a common problem for products that are often in contact with water and moisture.

There are not a lot of downsides with the Floating Luxuries FL32501 Kai Infinity Pool Float. After all, it’s a high-quality product that uses top-of-the-line materials. However, all these high-quality materials also come at a premium cost.

  • Suitable even for large dog breeds
  • Not inflatable
  • Very stable
  • It can be a bit expensive

5. TRC Recreation Splash Pool Float

With a minimalistic design and excellent buoyancy, the TRC Recreation Splash Pool Float is an excellent choice if you are looking for water rafts for dogs. If there’s one thing that this floater is good at, is that it’s built with convenience in mind.

First of all, the primary material of this floater is already buoyant. Hence, it will stay afloat from the get-go. There’s no need to spend effort on blowing air or spend money on a pump.

The material is covered with a high-quality glossy finish which doesn’t look cheap. The glossy finish and the primary material also pave the way for easy cleaning and make it very comfortable.

The surface areas of the floater feature a rippling texture. This prevents unnecessary slips, and it adds a bit of style to the floater. It could be the best pool float for dogs.

The floater is about 70 inches in length, and 25 inches in width. The thickness is 1 and one-fourth inches. It has no problems accommodating most average-sized dogs.

Keep in mind that this floater allows water to freely flow in and out of the surface. Hence, it might not be a good choice if you are looking for something that will keep your dog dry while on the water.

  • Convenient to clean
  • No need to blow or pump air
  • Doesn’t look cheap
  • It’s not designed to keep your dog completely dry