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Let’s be honest, we all wish our furry friend to stay as spry and energetic as they used to be. Unfortunately, our favorite companion won’t be puppies forever and there’s not much we can do about it. Dog’s age as time flies and our once energetic, young companion will become susceptible to various infirmities, including mobility issues.

There are many ways to help your aging pet adjust at home, such as higher food bowls, prevent access to floors with gates, but what do you do when you need to take your dog out to a park in your SUV? 

Luckily, there are numerous products out there to assist an aging dog in getting in the car comfortably. We are, of course, talking about a dog ramp for SUV. These ramps assist aging dogs and those with infirmity issues in getting in and out of the SUV with ease.

In this guide, we’ll be covering all the key things about dog ramps, and review the best dog ramp for SUV on the market to help you make an informed buying decision.

Taking into account all the most important factors, we have selected Top 5 Dog Ramps for SUV

Safety first

  • It is the first thing you need to look for before making your purchase. Remember that the platform’s safety depends on how stable the ramp is. This means it’s very important for you to look for minute features that might offer optimum stability while your pet moves up and down the platform. Check if the ramp’s top and bottom ends have stabilizers. Generally, they sport a rubber grip construction as they tend to offer superior antislip properties.
  • May also find some ramps with secure latches that allow you to attach the ramp onto your vehicle to prevent it from slipping. If you’re looking at a foldable ramp, see if the lock mechanism is secure to ensure that it doesn’t unfold and stays stationary. If it’s a telescoping dog ramp for SUV, check for similar mechanisms to ensure if it locks the platform securely.
Best dog ramp for SUV

Size of the ramp

The ramp size is another important factor to consider when looking for the dog ramp for SUV. Firstly, it determines the ascent of the platform. A 60-70 inch ramp length or more, it will likely provide a gentle slope. Ideally, the incline shouldn’t be over 25%, otherwise, it’ll be more challenging for some dogs to walk up. Similarly, don’t get a ramp that is too long and doesn’t fold up as you won’t be able to take it along.

Weight of the ramp

Make sure you keep the platform’s weight in mind. Ideally, it’s best to get a lightweight ramp that would be easy for you to carry. However, it shouldn’t compromise on its quality, durability, or sturdiness.

Weight limit of the ramp

When you’re on the lookout for the best pet ramp for SUV, chances are you’ll come across several products with a different weight limit. Essentially, if you have a large dog, you may want to go for one that has a greater weight capacity and vice versa.


The material of the ramp impacts its weight, sturdiness, and durability. Heavier platforms generally have solid construction. However, a lightweight ramp doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s structurally unsound. Steel and wood tend to offer great sturdiness and durability. Unfortunately, wooden ramps are pricey and are susceptible to the effects of weather. Vinyl variants are both lightweight and durable. Make sure that it’s sturdy enough to support your dog’s weight. Plus, it should be easy to maintain and clean.

Folding, fixed or telescoping

  • The market has seen the arrival of foldable ramps. Bi-fold & tri-fold ramps allow you to fold it into a smaller size, which makes it easier to carry around. There are multi-fold ramps as well that can be folded multiple times, making it more portable.
  • Dog ramps are ideal for low-height access points. However, they take up a lot of valuable space. It’s a great choice if your vehicle has enough storage space. On the contrary, a telescoping dog ramps for SUV are quite easy to use because of their internal sliding mechanism. You just remove the safety latch, slide out the bottom part and lock the position.

The ramp’s steepness

The steepness of the ramp, as mentioned earlier, will depend on the ramp’s length. You need to get one that isn’t steep as it’ll be hard for your pet to get in or out of the car. Generally, longer ramps do offer a better climb, but it also means more weight. An incline of 18-20° is ideal for a dog ramp.

Gripping surface:

Trying to move up or down the ramp isn’t quite comfortable if you don’t have a proper grip. If the ramp doesn’t have a gripping surface, you’re more likely to fall and the same goes for your dog. Look for a ramp that features a gripping surface so your pooch can grip on comfortably. Also, remember that it’s better to have something different than sandpaper because it can hurt your dog’s paws.

Benefits of using a dog ramp

As mentioned earlier, when looking for the right dog ramp for SUV, you’ll be best off with a lightweight unit or one that’s manageable as they’re more portable. There are several benefits of using a dog ramp, some of which are:

Prevents injuries

  • Telescoping and foldable dog ramps typically weigh about 20 pounds or less, you can easily lift the units without straining your back. Simply extend them or unfold them for use. As such, a lightweight dog ramp for SUV can help prevent back injuries.
  • It’s not just you that risk getting injured, dogs can get easily injured while trying to get in or out of cars, especially when it snows or rain. A dog ramp that has a grippy surface will offer great stability and can help significantly reduce chances of injury and keep your pet healthier for longer.

Easy on joints

One big advantage of using a dog ramp is that it assists pets with joint problems. Also, larger dog breeds like Labs, Goldens, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Great Danes generally have joint problems and jumping in or out of the vehicle frequently will only make things hard for them. Getting an SUV ramp for large dogs can help them get in and out of the vehicles easily without the need to jump and prevent exasperating the condition.

Good for older dogs or dogs with injury

As dog ramps offer an easy way for your dog to access the vehicle, it eliminates the need to jump up or down your SUV. This is quite useful if your dog is old or has an injury.

You don’t need to lift your dog anymore

Just like it helps older dogs and those with injuries access the vehicle with ease, you don’t have to carry them anymore. Lifting can actually be harmful to your dog and yourself and if you’ve got a large dog breed, it’s more difficult. Simply put, you’ll have a much better experience if you simply use a dog ram to assist your pet in the car.

How to train your pet to use a dog ramp?

Now that you’re well aware of the advantages of using dog ramps and all the essential factors that need to be kept in mind before purchasing one, you might want to shift your focus on disciplining your canine to use the ramp.

If you’ve never used a dog ramp before, your furry companion might be reluctant to use it. Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to get them used to it. You just have to keep a few things in mind. As you can adjust the ramp’s height based on the component it’s resting on, you can use it to your advantage when ramp training your dog for the first time.

You can start by placing the platform on a flat surface where it won’t move or slide, such as the carpet or grass. Next, you can use treats to lure them to walk the ramp from one end to another. Repeat this step multiple times and in doing so, your dog will become familiar with the surface of the platform.

Once your pet learns to follow your treat-filled hands across the ramp, continue the process again, but without the treats. Reward only when he follows your empty hand and walk across the end of the ramp.

You can also add verbal commands like “Out” or “Up” a few moments before directing them with your hands and treat your dog if it shows any movement. Once your dog has mastered walking across the ramp on a flat surface, you can raise it and add a small incline.

Avoid raising the platform too high at once or your dog will start panicking and get off the platform or resist getting on it entirely. Raise the ramp’s height gradually and repeat the same process using your hand and verbal cue. Eventually, your dog will get used to it and learn to get on the ramp on its own.

Dog Ramps or stairs

Dog stairs and dog ramps are the two most commonly used tools that help certain dogs access vehicles. Both are suitable for assisting pets who have trouble getting on or off the cars, such as senior or older dogs, or the ones with arthritis. Small dog breeds, as well as puppies, can benefit from both platforms. Even the ones that are recovering from illnesses or surgery can benefit from using either one of the platforms.

The main distinction between the two is that dog stairs have steps. A dog ramp is defined by its length, which, in turn, determines its gradient or slope. The ramp’s height is determined by the elevation height and the ramp’s length.

Ideally, the slope shouldn’t be over 25% as anything above that will be too steep for your pet. A gently inclined ramp is much more ideal than a steep one, particularly if your dog has musculoskeletal or infirmity problems.

For instance, a dog suffering from arthritis will struggle to move its joints. If the platform is too steep, it’ll put stress on its joints and make it more difficult to climb. And because a dog ramp with a gentle incline puts less stress on the pet’s joints, it’s more suitable for dogs with mobility issues.

On the contrary, dog stairs are very much identical to the stairs at home. It is suitable for dogs that have no problem moving up or down the stairs. It can be used to assist dogs with limited mobility as well, however, it’ll largely depend on the elevation. If it’s too high, it’ll be a problem for them to lift their paws onto the next step.


Top 5 Dog Ramp For SUV Reviews

1. PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp

PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp

PetStep dog ramp reviews suggest this foldable dog ramp for SUV as one of the top platforms that assist pets to get in/out of vehicles easily. It’s an all-around pet ramp that fits perfectly with every vehicle and so there won’t be any need for measurements before making a purchase.

It features a unique non-slip rubberized surface that we know you’ll appreciate and most likely your dog will too.

Ramp boasts a soft texture and thanks to its advanced rubberized surface, your pet will have a good grip while making their walk to the vehicle. Even better, it doesn’t matter if the platform is dry or wet, your furry companion will have great traction and be confident enough to walk to the SUV.

It boasts a solid plastic and fiberglass construction, which makes it more durable and sturdy. Also, it doesn’t use other materials like sandpaper, tape, or carpet as they tend to trap in odors.

This ramp also features a heavy-duty rubber grip on both ends, which keeps the platform in place when in use. It weighs just 18.5lbs and it has molded ergonomic handles on each side and its foldable design makes it easy for you to lift and store.

Cleaning up is easy and maintaining it is a breeze. Simply use soap and water to clean it. It also has a load capacity of 500lbs.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip rubber surface
  • Solid plastic and fiberglass construction
  • Two-color options

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  • Rubberized surface offers excellent traction and grip
  • Fits every vehicle type
  • Offers great traction even if it’s wet or dry
  • Has a load-bearing capacity of 500 lbs


  • Slightly on the heavier side

2. Gen7Pets Car Dog Ramp

Gen7Pets Car Dog Ramp

Gen7Pets is another best dog ramp that will help your dog get right into the car effortlessly. This is an ideal accessory for older pets or dogs with mobility issues as it offers an appropriate elevation height and slope so your pet won’t have to struggle climbing on/off the vehicle. 

It comes with a unique Poly-Grass feature, which allows your pet to get a good grip and also feel secure when walking across the ramp. The platform’s soft surface ensures that its paw pads don’t get scratched. The faux grass also prevents it from slipping.

The foldable design allows you to fold it flat and slide it right at the back of your minivan or SUV with ease. 

Secure lock mechanism ensures that it won’t fall open and also securely locks to your car when in use. The ramp’s top comes with a strap that fits perfectly onto your car’s door latch.

The 72-inch long ramp offers a wide walking path, which makes it a universal-ramp that fits almost all types of cars, including SUVs. It has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 250lbs, which means your dog will be able to walk across this wide platform without wobbling. It weighs just 17 lbs, which makes it a portable ramp.

Key Features:

  • Has a max load capacity of 250 lbs
  • Unique grass-like Poly-Grass technology
  • 72 inch long walking path
  • Rubber grip handles & automatic locking latch

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  • Can support up to 250lbs
  • The bi-fold design allows easy storage and access
  • Poly-Grass technology provides a solid grip


  • Some users didn’t like the cramp’s design

3. Pet Gear Standing Ramp

Pet Gear Standing Ramp

This is an excellent dog ramp by Pet Gear, a company known for manufacturing quality products and excellent customer service. The Pet Gear dog ramp features a free-standing design that supports itself without resting on vehicles or furniture.

Unique design makes it a great SUV ramp for large dogs since they can withstand additional weight without bending or wobbling. You can also use it for cats. If your cat or dog is in its golden years or has arthritis, the Pet Gear ramp will be an ideal choice.

Ramp uses SuperTrax, which is a removable mat that offers excellent traction. It also ensures pressure-activated gripping that makes it easy for your pets’ paws to grip the mat’s surface. It also protects the dog’s paws from scratches and the interior of your car. Since it’s removable, cleaning it is such an easy process.

Unique design allows you to fold the ramp easily for portability and compact storage. It has a weight limit of 200 lbs and for safety reasons, it’s advised to not exceed its weight limit or you risk injuring yourself and your dog. 

Pet Gear Dog ramp with its free-standing design weighs just 17 lbs. Its rubberized bottom grippers allow secure placement while its elevated edges help in preventing pets from falling off the sides.

Key Features:

  • Removable SuperTrax mat
  • Raised edges 
  • Rubberized bottom grippers
  • Pressure activated grip
  • Patented design

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  • Removable SuperTrax mat is easy to clean
  • Elevated edges prevent pets from falling off the sides
  • Soft SuperTrax mat protects pets’ paws and also the car’s interior
  • Pressure activated grip provides optimal traction and grip


  • Other ramps on the list have more weight limit

4. Heeyoo Car Dog Nonslip Steps

Heeyoo Car Dog Nonslip Steps

Heeyoo ladder ramp features a unique and sturdy design. It’s a perfect SUV ramp for large dogs. Boasting a high-quality metal construction, this dog ramp is durable and strong.

Steps have an added plastic board inside to prevent it from getting sagged when climbing. With a weight limit of 150 lbs, it can support the weight of large, medium, and small dogs.

Rubber coating surface prevents your pets from falling while climbing and the quick-connect carabiner secures the stairs safely to your SUV, which provides additional protection for your pets.

To its anti-slip rubber pads, the ramp provides great traction and improved grip on the surface. The foldable and portable design makes it easy to maneuver and use. You can fold it into a small size and slide it at the back of your car for compact storage. 

Heyoo dog ramp also includes a free toy for your furry companion to play with.

Key Features:

  • Rubber Coating Surface
  • Plastic Board Inside the steps
  • Anti-Slip rubber pads
  • Portable and foldable design
  • Free toy
  • High-quality metal construction

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  • Rubber coating surface helps in preventing your pet from slipping off the ramp
  • Added plastic board inside prevents it from being sagged
  • Anti-slip rubber pads offer great traction and grip
  • High-quality construction makes it sturdy


  • Weight limit of just 150 lbs is quite less compared to other ramps on our list

5. Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Ramp

Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Ramp

It is another excellent pet ramp from Pet Gear. If you need a lightweight dog ramp for a car, the Pet Gear Lite pet ramp might be just what you need. It weighs just 7 pounds, which makes maneuvering and managing it quite an easy task.

Ramp also features Supertrax, which is a detachable mat that facilitates easy cleanup. It also offers a soft surface, thereby preventing the dogs’ paws from getting scratches and also your car’s interiors.

Pressure-activated grip makes it easy for your four-legged companion to grip onto the mat easily, thereby providing sure-footing.

Elevated edges on the ramp help in preventing the dogs from falling off the sides, thereby minimizing the risk of injuring your pet.

Easy foldable design and built-in handle allow you to carry and store the ramp with ease. For securing the ramp to your car’s back, it comes with a safety tether. Additionally, it has a load capacity of 200lbs.

Key Features:

  • Pressure activated grip
  • SuperTrax mat
  • Built-in handle & easy fold design
  • Elevated edges
  • Safety tether
  • Rubberized bottom grippers

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  • Pressure-activated grip offers superior grip and traction
  • SuperTrax mat offers a soft surface for protecting pets paws
  • Elevated edges help in preventing pets from falling off the sides
  • Safety tether secures the ramp to the car safely
  • Very lightweight


  • Not as sturdy as other options