Look, we all love our furry companions, but it’s not all fun and games when they start stealing your food or jumping on the couch with their muddy paws.

Let’s admit it, it’s almost impossible to say no when they give you those trademark puppy eyes, but don’t worry, there is help.

We have come up with a list of the 5 best dog online training courses to help you tame your dog in no time.

1. Brain Training 4 Dogs

Adrienne Faricelli is the brain behind the Brain Training 4 Dogs. This is one online dog training course that a lot of dog owners swear by.

After you register as a member, you will be able to log into the site and get access to all the tools available. The website is easy to navigate and you can directly access areas that your dog needs without wasting a lot of time. You may find other contenders out there, but it’s hard to argue with the $47 price tag, which is only a one-time fee. As a matter of fact, the low price point is one of her biggest selling factors in the market.

One thing we love about this online training is that Faricelli only uses force-free methods to train your dog. This is a science-based training where she insists on using positive reinforcement. According to her, there is absolutely no reason to put a dog through pain, either emotionally or physically, to be able to learn something.

As one of the best dog training programs out there, Brain Train 4 Dogs goes beyond obedience and tricks and provides advanced courses. It comes with 21 additional options for those dogs that are pretty far ahead. You will be able to test the limit of your furry buddy and watch them transform into little geniuses.

Faricelli even provides a forum for dog owners to interact and post questions, but it is not as active as other forums. We love that she is quite helpful with most of the questions and even goes out of her way to find answers for those she can’t answer. This gives a personal touch to her service and of the 3 courses that she offers, our favorite is the part where she is personally available and gives out tips.

Faricelli has years of experience with dog training and easily has the credentials to be one of the front runners in the industry. Besides being a Professional Certified Dog Trainer, she is also an esteemed member of the Canine Consultants and Italian Dog trainers Association. This is quite an achievement because it takes over hundreds of work hours with master trainers to be able to get these titles.

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online training course

2. WonderAbbar Dog Training Secrets

Once you finish this online dog training course, you will finally be able to make your dog understand and respect the things that you are trying to communicate. As one of the best dog online training courses out there, it will help you build a stronger bond with your dog and remove any dog stresses for good.

This is a program created by Anthony Louis aka “Kind of Dog Training” and has certainly proven itself to be one of the better ones out there. Anthony has been a leading dog behaviorist and Mast Dog Trainer since 1995.

This program is a product of Anthony’s 19 years of experience living with dogs, including his early years, when he lived with his grandfather, who owned a dog farm in Italy and trained dogs as a living. With this “family secret”, Anthony has gone on to develop his own fail-proof dog training techniques, which notoriously goes against most of the mainstream dog training methods but still works nonetheless.

With WonderAbbar, you never have to worry about your furry buddy barking at everyone who walks by or jumping on people, picking fights with other dogs during walks, running away from you, chasing things, refusing to potty train or any other issue that your dog may have.

Anthony claims that most dog issues can be fixed in 15 minutes, if not less. Another popular claim he makes is that most dog owners need just 30-45 minutes of conversation with him over the phone to fix their dog issues in just one day. His secret method does not harm any dog or use treats. All it takes is a one-minute technique that can be repeated a couple of times to see the shocking result.

If you are always busy or simply not motivated to invest in the time and energy to train your dog, you will love Anthony’s lazy way. No matter what breed or age your dog is, Anthony claims that he will help you train your dog in 3 hours or less!

It doesn’t matter if you are a new dog owner or has no skill or talent. According to Anthony, as long as you can talk, that’s all the skill you will need to train your dog like a professional.

3. How To Housetrain & Potty Train Any Dog

If you’ve petted dogs before, you know the first thing that is on an owner’s agenda is to potty train them. After all, the last thing you want around the house is an untrained dog with free reign around your house. This is probably the reason why the online guide House Train Any Dog is one of the best dog training programs in the market.

The program claims that you can potty train your dog easily in under 7 days. Once your dog has completed this course, he will walk to the door and give you a heads up whenever he wants to use the bathroom. This also means you will be able to leave your dog unattended throughout the day without worry about throwing poop all over the place.

This dog training system covers all the crucial bases like how early you can train your puppy, as well as effective techniques for successful house training any dog. Most importantly, this course analyzes the common methods of training used by homeowners and why they are not working at all.

This is a guide that works for any breed, irrespective of their age. You can also print out the easy-to-follow guide or directly read it off any device like laptop, iPhone, Mac, or PC. This method works fast because it is fun both for you and your dog, which speeds up the learning process.

Another reason for the popularity of this online training guide is that you don’t need any prior dog training knowledge in order to be able to pull this off. And best of all, the course guarantees that it will work 100% in a short period of time.

There is no training equipment required, no extra time out of your busy schedule, and the course is presented in an easy step-by-step guide. All in all, this course claims to come with everything that you will need in order to housetrain your dog effectively and fast.

4. Secrets to Dog Training

The Secrets to Dog Training by Dan Stevens is currently one of the best dog training programs on the internet. This is a comprehensive guide to not just training but also owning and rearing your dog. The course comes with a step-by-step manual on how dog owners can recognize and work out issues with success in a quick turnaround time.

This guide covers a lot of information, starting from the basics like factors to consider when adopting a dog, finding the perfect breed for you, preparing your home for the new pup, etc and gradually moves on to more advanced training techniques like maintaining the alpha status, understanding the mindset of the dog, resolving bad behaviors like chewing, poop eating (coprophagia), etc.

According to Dan, one of the biggest issues of problematic behaviors in dogs is the lack of communication between the dog and the owner. He says that dogs aren’t misbehaving in general, they simply do not understand what the owner wants from them. This guide will train dog owners as well to help them understand how a dog communicates and how to put that knowledge to use by effectively handling and training your dog.

Unlike most dog trainers, Dan believes that old dogs can learn new tricks. He offers hands-on tricks on how to train your old dog, eliminate problematic behaviors, and resolve any aggression. One factor that tells this book works 100% is the fact that all the tips shared by Dan come directly from his personal experience.

Another factor that makes this online dog training system stand out from the rest is the individualized consultation. Registered members looking for personal assistance can simply send an email and get a response directly from the team.

This package offers a free 6-day trial course to help dog owners to sample the course before they make the big decision to sign up. This mini-course covers aspects of how to address issues like house training and aggression. Besides the manual, Dan offers several freebies like the bonus 4 mini-books that covers advanced house training, an in-depth handbook on addressing aggression, effective grooming tricks, and security-training.

5. SpiritDogTraining

If you can spare 10 minutes of your time every day, then the SpiritDogTraining course is just what you and your furry buddy needs. As one of the best dog online training course in the market, it claims to turn any dog into the ultimate teammate.

The master class course offers a list of bonding games that you can try so that training is fun both for you and your dog. With the master class course, you get a lifetime membership to all of their courses for dogs of all ages and training levels. A great feature of the SpiritDog course is that it lets you keep a close track of the progression of a skill until it is mastered. This allows you to have the training process right in front of you so that you can follow along with your furry buddy at home.

SpiritDog believes that good training does not equal long hours of work. Instead, it only takes a few well-proven methods to see results in a short period of time. This course is perfect for dog owners with a busy schedule, and for reactive dogs that cannot get along with other dogs.

Their masterclass covers 11 extensive courses, including basic obedience, walking without a leash, behaving in public, dog tricks, response to calls, especially when outside, addressing reactivity, brain games, fetching games, confidence booster, frisbee games, and taking turns when in a group.

Steffi Trott, the genius behind SpiritDog Training offers a 14-day free course for anyone looking to sample the course before they make the big decision to take the paid course. The course will include daily emails of training videos, tips, and ideas. You can also further protect your purchase with a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

Overall, this online dog training course offers 360 individual exercises that work across different breeds, ages, and training levels. This online training course comes a lot cheaper than regular local dog training courses. Typically, most local dog training courses are offered at $25 to $35 per week, which amounts to approximately $1000 per year.

As for SpiritDog Training, you get a lifetime access so that you can go back and revisit the courses whenever you feel like your buddy is getting out of touch. This can also be reused for new pups if and when you have new additions to the family.

Summing Up

The easiest way to get right with an online dog training system is to choose one with a proven track record of success. Sure, e-collars are a cheaper alternative, but they aren’t always accurate. It is almost impossible to instantaneously detect and punish a behavior. Methods like the alpha theory, on the other hand, are old fashioned and encourages aggression in most dogs. The most foolproof way is to find local dog trainers or find the best dog training programs online.