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If your dog gets a little overly enthusiastic and active, you might want to consider getting a crate for your dog. Crates are quite helpful when dealing with restless dogs as it provides a  space of their own to calm down.

Dog crate furniture is an excellent choice as it not only provides an appropriate resting zone for your pooch but can also be used as an end table, thereby saving room space. Plus, They can blend seamlessly with almost any room décor.

We’ve looked over tens of furniture style dog crate with an aim to find the best dog crate furniture that will fit any budget while considering its design, material, size, color, and rating. In this guide, we’ll be talking about the benefits of dog crates, the key features to consider before making your purchase, and also review the five best furniture dog crates in the market.

Benefits Of Furniture Style Dog Crate

A pet crate furniture offers several benefits for you and your furry companion. Initially, it might seem a bit weird or even unkind with its cage-like look; however, a crate can be quite a useful piece, especially in dog training.

Aside from providing security and a safe place for your pet, dog crates that look like furniture also serve as a multi-functional piece in your home.

Here are four benefits of getting a dog crate furniture:

dog crate furniture

·        Injury or Sickness

If your dog is injured or sick, the security, calm, and comfort inside a pet crate furniture may soothe them. While dogs know when they’re in pain, they aren’t aware that certain actions may cause further injury or harm, especially after surgery or when they’re recovering. By confining your dog inside a well-made crate, you’ll be able to get peace of mind as you know that it’ll prevent them from reinjuring or agitating an injury with rough play.

·        Calm Retreat

Over time, the dog crate furniture will become a part of your pooch’s everyday life. If the crate is kept in a quiet place of the home and the door is left open at all times, your dog will see it as a soothing space to retreat. If you treat the crate as a comfortable bed or a little room, your pup may even go inside the crate on their own whenever they feel stressed, afraid, or tired.

·        Behavior Modification

          Furniture like dog crate is quite useful for pet training at home. When you introduce your dog to a new house or bring home a new pet, you might want to teach them about where they can eat, sleep, or play. In such situations, a dog crate furniture can help you in-home training your pup or dog efficiently.

Avoid using the crate to punish your dog or else they’ll have a negative association with their cage and resist crate time. When you put your pooch in a crate when it knows that you’re upset or angry, it’ll see the furniture as something it needs to avoid. Though dogs love to cuddle in safe, comfy places, they’ll resist being put in a dog crate if they feel like they’re being trapped.

Types Of Dog Crates

·         Heavy-duty metal dog crate

This type of crate is generally marketed for larger, stronger dog breeds. It’s also an excellent choice for dogs with a chewing habit. Such crates are sturdier and solidly build. So if your dog is potentially aggressive or is fearful of new visitors, getting a heavy-duty metal dog crate would be ideal.

·         Wire dog crate

As the name suggests, this type of dog crates has metal sheets or thick wire construction. While some models come with a single entry door, others have multiple doors. They offer great airflow, are usually lightweight and portable. Wire dog crates enable you to monitor your dog every now and then.

·         Plastic dog crate

Also known as “travel cages” or “pet carrier”, plastic dog crates are an excellent choice for transportation purposes, particularly when traveling through cars or airlines. They’re much lighter and more portable as compared to metal or wire dog crates. This type of crate offers better insulation during winter.

·         Wooden dog crate

Some people prefer using stylish crates to keep their dogs indoors. Such models provide a safe space for your pooch without compromising on your home décor. They are generally colorful and stylish.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Furniture Dog Crate:

·         Size

One of the key factors to consider before making a purchase is your dog’s size. There are several dog kennels in the market with different sizes and that’s why you must know which size is appropriate for your pooch. Pick a kennel that offers enough space for your pet to stand or sit comfortably.

·         Ventilation

The best dog crate furniture is one that comes with a great ventilation system. Make sure the one you buy has this feature as it’ll facilitate great airflow and keep your furry friend cool.

·         Durability

The durability of the crate is another important factor to consider. By picking a durable crate, you’ll be able to offer your dog a safe comfortable space for an extended period. Most pet crate furniture is used as end tables, which means you’ll have to ensure that it not only withstands your dog’s energy but also provide a sturdy surface for your magazines or books.

·         Material

Crates are made of different materials, which include plastic, metal, and wood. It isn’t ideal to go for wooden crates if your pooch has an aggressive chewing habit or has just started its crate training. For dogs that have just started their crate training, metal kennels are ideal. Furniture style dog crate is excellent if you’ve already trained your dog.

·         Easy to clean

As dogs tend to be quite messy, it’s not a bad idea to clean it now and then so that the dog kennel remains fresh and tidy. Most of the best furniture dog crates come with a waterproof melamine MDF base for ease of cleaning. Such kind of crate can absorb odor or liquid and are quite easy to maintain.

·         Easy to enter/exit

Another key factor to note before buying a dog crate is to determine whether or not it allows your pooch to enter or exit the kennel easily. Once your dog is crate trained, it’ll likely spend most of its time cuddled inside the crate. As such, it’d be great if you get one with an appropriately sized door for easy movement and mobility.

Types of dogs that are suited for dog crates that look like furniture:

To ensure that you find the right crate for your pooch, it’s important to know the type of dogs that are suited for furniture style dog crate.

  • Small dogs: Unlike standard dog crates, dog crate furniture sports a furniture-style design. These types of crates are generally smaller in size, particularly end-table-style models. That’s why it’s more suitable for small dog breeds. If your pup is more than 90 pounds, it’ll be quite tricky to find a wooden crate that fits him. However, some come in multiple sizes, so you’ll find one that suits your pooch even if it belongs to a larger breed.
  • Not for heavy chewers: Furniture crates for dogs are made of wood and even though most of the best brands and companies use high-quality wood, it isn’t an ideal choice if your dog has a bad chewing habit. If your dog is an excessive chewer you won’t be making the right choice by picking a wooden crate as they’ll most likely damage it.
  • Crate-trained dogs: Some furniture like dog crates can withstand a high-energy pooch, but not all. Generally, they aren’t as sturdy as metal crates. If your dog is overly active and tends to be quite restless, it’s not recommended to get dog crates furniture style. That’s why such crates are suitable for dogs that are already crate-trained.


5 Best Dog Crates Review 2020

Internet’s Best Dog Kennel Decorative

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The Internet’s Best dog kennel is a stylish dog crate furniture with multiple functionalities. Aside from providing a safe and secure space for your four-legged friend, this furniture also doubles as a large nightstand, side table or end table. With its sleek finish and design, this piece will add a warm, modern flair to your home.

This multifunctional crate has been designed with high-quality MDF and metal wire side panels for increased durability so you won’t have to question its sturdiness. The wire panels are quite useful as it allows you to monitor your dog occasionally.

You also get a removable dog bed with 2.75” padding, which allows your dog to sleep comfortably. The wood boasts elegant craftsmanship and is coated with a gorgeous espresso, which will help provide a luxurious feel to your home.

This pet kennel comes with brass hardware, which allows you to lock the crate securely. It features dual entry & exit points for easy accessibility (double side door along with end door).  Thanks to the double doors, you can remove the pad easily for cleaning. The kennel also boasts a wide tabletop which is perfect for storing personal items like drinking cups, coasters, lamps, and magazines.

This dog crate furniture is also available in white. Since all the pieces come clearly marked with appropriate letter stickers, assembling the crate won’t be a fuss. Plus, once you’re done installing, the stickers don’t leave any residue when it comes off.  The only downside to this piece is that it isn’t chew-proof so if your dog has an excessive chewing habit, you might want to consider other options.

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  • Quite sturdy and durable thanks to its solid MDF construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual entry and exit points allow easy accessibility


  • Not ideal for dogs with excessive chewing behavior

Crown Pet Products End Table Pet Crate

2. Crown Pet Products End Table Pet Crate

Sophisticated design, durable hardwood construction, and superior comfort for dogs, this is what this pet crate furniture offers. It’ll provide not only a cozy space for your puppy or dog but also boost the appearance of your room.

The crate boasts a solid hardwood construction that’s quite similar to teak. Its solid construction ensures durability. It also features a beautiful stained & lacquered finish which resembles a quality furniture piece with mortise & tenon construction. This further accentuates its elegant appearance.

Its swing-through doors can rotate both inward and outward, making it a versatile piece and as such, you can keep it anywhere in the room as you like. The best part of this elegant furniture style dog crate is that it’s resistant to water. This is because of its melamine MDF cover base that prevents the absorption of odors or liquids, which makes it an easy piece to clean and maintain.

Additionally, the kennel features multiple vents, which help in proving a well-ventilated space for your furry friend. It also gives a 360° view so you can monitor your pet and at the same time, it doesn’t feel left out.

The crate comes in two finishes – Mahogany and espresso, and in both medium and large sizes. The medium crate can accommodate small & medium-sized dogs that don’t weigh over 40 pounds. The latter is ideal for medium- and large-sized dogs that aren’t over 80 pounds.

Moreover, it’s quite easy to put the pieces together and it won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

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  • Durable hardwood construction for extended usage
  • Waterproof base makes cleaning a breeze
  • Doesn’t absorb liquids & odors
  • Multiple vents allow great airflow


  • Not ideal for dogs with severe chewing behavior

ecoFlex End Table/ Pet Crate

ecoFlex End Table/ Pet Crate

If you need a large dog crate furniture without spending a lot, the ecoFlex pet bed is an excellent choice for those with a tight budget. Backed by several positive customer reviews, this kennel serves beautifully as an end table or bedside table.

With its beautiful design and solid construction, this piece will help in improving the look of your room. It comes in multiple colors, including russet, grey, espresso, and white and is also available in different sizes so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect size for your pet.

Made of ecoFlex, which is a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer, the ecoFlex crate by New Age Pet is not just environment friendly but is also budget-friendly. This dog crate is also highly durable and will serve you for an extended period as it’s made of a composite material that doesn’t split, warp, or crack.

Also, being a non-toxic material, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your dog. The spindles on the door and the sides are made of anti-rust, stainless steel, which further promotes its longevity. The stainless steel latch also helps in locking the doors securely so that your dog is safely confined when needed. The crate also provides proper ventilation.

As it’s appropriately sized, you can place the crate in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. This dog crate furniture requires some assembly, however, you don’t need to use tools to install as it’s quite simple and straightforward.

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  • Made of durable, non-toxic material makes it sturdy and pet-safe
  • Offers proper ventilation
  • Quite easy to put together
  • Cleanup is easy


  • Not ideal if your dog has anxiety or isn’t crate-trained

Simply Plus Wire & Wood Dog Crate

Simply Plus Wood & Wire Dog Crate

If you’re looking for the dog crate furniture that can save space by doubling as an elegant end table as well as pet leisure and containment space, then the Simply Plus pet crate is an ideal choice.

With unique, elegant design, and sturdy construction, this piece will be a perfect addition to your home and is certainly an investment worth making. This crate provides everything your dog needs to feel secure, safe and included.

Plus, it features a removable bottom tray made of plastic, which makes it easy to clean. The crate features a cute bone and dog claw screws that help in preventing the bottom tray from sliding away.

One of the advantages of having a dog crate is the ability to secure your pet quickly whenever you have guests or when you have kids who are fearful of dogs. The Simply Plus dog crate comes with dual safety latches on each door for keeping your pet securely confined.  Its heavy-duty wire boasts a durable black finish, which makes it more sophisticated and chic. The Simply Plus pet crate with its multiple vents provide a 360° view and a well-ventilated area for your pet.

Another great benefit of this piece is the easy installation process. You don’t need to possess any tools to assemble the crate as it’s quite simple and you can get it done in no time.

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  • It boasts sturdy construction for extended usage
  • Blends seamlessly with other furniture
  • Removable bottom tray allows for easy cleanup
  • Multiple vents provide proper airflow
  • Easy assembly


  • Not ideal for larger dog breeds

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Pet Crate

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Pet Crate

The Merry Pet is another excellent dog crate and is an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to discipline their pet. This beautiful wooden dog crate helps in creating a comfortable space for your pooch where it can retreat, eat, sleep and just feel safe.

If you want a space-saving dog crate then the Merry Pet piece is just what you need. This dog kennel features solid hardwood construction and comes with a sturdy wood surface where you can place personal items, thereby doubling as a side table or end table.

Another unique feature of this crate is that it allows you to use it as a gate for closing doorways or open spaces.

The crate also offers adequate space for your pet to move freely and it’s lightweight, which means you can easily carry it around, making it a portable dog crate.

It’s also quite easy to maintain as the removable plastic tray bottom prevents the floor from any mess. Moreover, you can easily remove the tray to clean it as many times as you want. This helps in keeping the dog crate smelling fresh and tidy.

Since you don’t need any tools to assemble the crate, putting together the whole piece won’t be an issue.

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  • Removable bottom tray makes it easy to clean
  • Doesn’t need tools to assemble and as such you can set it up effortlessly
  • It’s lightweight so you can easily carry it around


  • Not ideal for large dogs