The Best Chew Proof Crate Pads + Buying Guide

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All dogs are chewers. They’ll chew anything if given the chance including rugs, shoes, and other belongings they find lying on the couch, bed or floor. Take a close look at your dog’s toys and it’ll give you an inkling of the damage it’s capable of inflicting with its jaws!

Most likely, the chewing and biting will slow down as a dog gets older, or when trained properly. Brain Training For Dogs is a great training system to eliminate any behavioral problem. But for now, it’ll shred belongings – yes, even its bed! That is why it’s best to get the best chew proof bed or indestructible dog crate pads.

With a relatively affordable price and great strength in resisting dog chewing, a chew proof dog crate pad makes for an excellent investment!

Taking into account all the most important factors, we have selected Top 5 Chew Proof Crate Pads

Preview/Our RatingProduct Price/Review
Big Barker Orthopedic 4' Dog Crate Pad Fits 42' x 28' Crate - Waterproof & Tear Resistant - Thick, Heavy Duty, Tough, Washable Cover - Luxury Orthopedic Support Foam Inside - Made in USA
5 out of 5 stars
Big Barker
  • 4 Sizes available
  • Dual layer of memory foam
  • Durable
Check Price

AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad Washable Dog Bed Mat Dog Mattress Pets Kennel Pad for Large Medium Small Dogs and Cats, 35' x 23' Blue
4 out of 5 stars
  • Anti-Slip
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
Check Price

PetFusion PuppyChoice Dog Crate Bed | Durable Microsuede Cover, Solid Foam, Waterproof Liner | Removable Washable Crate Pad Cover. Replacements Covers & Blankets Also Avail | 1 Year Warr., Grey
4 out of 5 stars
  • Water resistant
  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Removable cover
Check Price

K9 Ballistics Tough Rip-Stop Dog Crate Pad - Washable, Durable and Waterproof XL Dog Crate Beds - X-Large Dog Crate Mat, 47'x28', Black
4 out of 5 stars
K9 Ballistics
  • 6 Sizes available
  • Durable ripstop cover
  • Machine washable
Check Price

Best Pet Supplies Machine Washable Dog Crate Mat – Double-Sided Kennel Pad - Gray Linen, M (30 x 19)
4 out of 5 stars
Best Pet Supplies
  • 5 Sizes available
  • 2-inch thick padding
  • Machine washable
Check Price


Why You Need a Chew Proof Dog Crate Mats for Chewers

There are people who think their dogs don’t need mats inside their crates. Not having one inside a kennel is understandable if its base is smooth and not made of wiring. It’s also alright to skip on mat use if you’re living in a warm country as having a mat will only block air from circulating inside the cage.

For the rest of us, a chew proof mat is essential not just for the obvious reasons but also for the following:

  • Minimizes Pressure on a Dog’s Body

A crate’s metal ribbing exerts pressure on a dog’s body. Although that can be perfectly fine, it can be uncomfortable for a dog with joint problems or a pup that’s too skinny. Having sufficient support will give the animal a more restful sleep apart from letting it retain full functionality of its joints and muscles.

  • Provides Warmth during Cold Nights

Not all dogs can survive cold weather. Canines with thin or single coats, as well as skinny dogs, need crate mats that are well-insulated. If your dog is sick, then it most definitely needs a mat that can retain heat. As a dog parent, you would know when or if your dog has an issue regulating its temperature whenever temperatures drop.

  • Has Other Purposes Apart from Being a Chew Proof Crate Mat

The great thing about indestructible crate pads is they can also be used for other purposes! They can serve as a car seat and furniture protectors, which you may need to prevent your dog from chewing on your valuable furniture and car seat! If you want the mat to serve this purpose, then get one with non-skid backing so it stays in place.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Chew Proof Crate Pad

    When in the lookout for an indestructible dog mat, pad or bed for your chewer of a dog, you’d want to keep in mind a few things to get the best one, most especially the following:

    • Comfort

    Is your chosen dog pad comfortable? Although your goal is to get a pad that’s resistant to dog chewing, it should also be comfortable. After all, it’s where you want your dog to sleep, lounge, and nap. If the bed has zippers, make sure they’re concealed at the sides or on the mat’s bottom part so there’s nothing sticking out that might bother the dog.

    In order to make sure your pet is cozy inside its crate, pay close attention to the inner fill’s thickness too. If possible, opt for a product with thick memory foam filling. The bigger your dog is, the thicker its bed should be.

    If you have a smaller dog, it would prefer softer beds, so make sure you get one that is not too thick or else it will sink in or get lost in the orthopedic foam.

    • Fit

    The best chew proof dog crate mat isn’t just comfortable, but also one that has the exact fit. It is, therefore, crucial that you purchase a pad that’s of the right size or else you’d be forced to curl the sides which isn’t advisable as it’ll diminish air flow. One that’s too small will also leave certain sections bare.

    Before you make an order, take the time to take exact measurements of your dog’s crate interior in order for you to get the perfect size.

    • Durability

    You already know why you’re in need of the most durable chew proof crate bed if your dog is a tenacious chewer. But, for those who have pets that are well-behaved, they would still need an indestructible kennel mat as the paws of dogs can easily damage a crate mat’s fabric material if it isn’t built using durable materials. Fabrics like ballistic nylon can resist dog chewing.

    • Ease of Maintenance

    All pet parents prefer dog mats that only require a quick and simple process for their washing or cleaning. If a product can be cleaned with only a moistened cloth to wipe it down or if is machine washable, then it deserves your attention.

    • Cushioning

    What’s the use of an expensive mat if it doesn’t give any support or cushioning even if it’s just a couple of centimeters thick? Also, it’s easy for a pet owner to get the thickest cushioning for a pet’s chew proof mat but it’s better if you put more attention on the type of stuffing that’s used. If you can allocate more bucks for the purchase of a crate mat, opt for orthopedic foam or memory foam as they’re your best options. Fiberfill is also good as it’s cheap but won’t flatten quickly.

    Top 5 Chew Proof Crate Pads Reviews

    Now that you know the features of the best chew proof kennel mat, you’re now ready to make an informed buying decision!

    Here are the best that we’ve tried:

    Big Barker 4-Inch Orthopedic Crate Pad for Dogs

     Orthopedic 4

    Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Chewy

    One of the best chew-proof crate pads for dogs that chew is Big Barker’s 4-inch crate pad, which is the perfect solution if your dog likes destroying things! Apart from being literally indestructible, the crate pad will also transform your dog’s crate into a cozy, luxurious apartment that’s custom made just for your pooch.

    This tough dog crate mat has a snug fit to the standard US crate sizes, which means it has total coverage and comfort. The bottom layer of the dog pad is made of H45 support foam which is great in ensuring your dog’s shoulders, back, and joints are properly supported while the topmost layer consists of the H10 foam variety which offers dogs countless of restful hours.

    As for the cover of the chew proof pad, it’s removable. A removable pad that’s easy to throw for a wash is, take note, capable of withstanding abuse from your dog. That’s most definitely the main reason why this product is one of the best!

    • Has a dual layer of memory foam pads
    • It’s durable
    • Easy to clean
    • Offers good value
    • Manufactured in the US
    • Some find the price a bit steep, but all its features make it worth every penny.

    AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad

    AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad

    If you live in a part of the country where it can get really hot, you should get a crate pad for chewers that’s made of breathable material. The best choice for you for heat retention is AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad. It’s the perfect kennel mat as it is slim and very portable.

    This mat comes in four standard sizes which fit standard crates. All of the sizes are under $30, making this excellent option a valuable buy. The AIPERRO dog crate mat is both machine and hand washable, it makes it very convenient for busy dog owners.

    You may be wondering why we’ve chosen to feature the product when it lacks sufficient cushioning. Yes, it isn’t the thickest crate pad, but it makes up in the softness department. The squishy fill, as well as the plush velour cover, is a dog pleaser! 

    Buy on Amazon

    • Offers quick and easy cleaning
    • It’s cheap
    • Retains heat, perfect for cold climates
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Not a good choice for warmer climates

    PetFusion PuppyChoice Dog Kennel Pad

    PetFusion PuppyChoice Dog Crate Pad

    Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Chewy

    If what you’re looking for is a cushiony bed with a thickness that’s just right for the cutest of puppies, then the PetFusion Dog Crate Pad has you covered. The PetFushion PuppyChoice Kennel Mat, as its name suggests, is created to offer the most comfort for puppies inside their crates. It comes in several different sizes, which are also constructed to fit standard kennel sizing.

    We’ve found the product to be a fine choice not just for the bolster pillows at the edges of the mat, but also because of the manufacturer’s warranty! The mat offers exceptional value as whenever your puppy ruins its bed because it’s an aggressive chewer, you simply give PetFusion a call and they promise to make it right.

    Still, the crate pad is strong enough to resist damage from abuse from the fact that it boasts of waterproof liners, solid foam base, and a water-resistant outer cover made of 100% polyester microsuede fabric. It’s also worth mentioning that the outer cover is removable and machine-washable so cleaning and maintaining the mat is easy and pain-free.

    • Best choice for puppies
    • Easy to maintain
    • Great for standard crate sizes
    • Lightweight and durable
    • 1-year manufacturer warranty
    • Won’t be the best choice when the puppy grows as it may lack support

    K9 Ballistics Tough Crate Pad for Dogs

    K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad
    Next up is the K9 Ballistics Tough Crate Pad for Dogs, which is best known for its durability. It’s one of the best chew-proof crate pads for a number of reasons besides its strength and ability to resist dog scratching, biting, and chewing.

    First off, the material of the pad is thermal which means it provides insulation whenever it gets cold. The pad is purposely made to be 1.5″ thick as well to offer optimal cushioning. Take note that this indestructible dog crate pad comes with specialized ripstop fibers, specifically designed to avoid tearing. If tears do happen, this technology will prevent them from getting bigger.

    Although it has some of the best features, the Tough Dog Crate Mat is only for light or moderate chewers. It’s still chew resistant, but it isn’t heavy duty. If you think your dog isn’t that strong to destroy a chew resistant pad for kennels, then this would be one of your best options.

    The mat is available in six different sizes with the smallest at 23 in L x 17 in W. The biggest size is 51 in L x 36 in W. There are also six different colors that you can choose from.

    Buy on Amazon

    • Best for light or moderate chewers
    • Has durable ripstop cover – exclusive for K9 Ballistics products
    • Comfortable and durable
    • Available in different sizes and colors
    • Machine washable
    • Warranty is only 120 days

    Best Pet Supplies Dog Crate Mat

    Best Pet Supplies MT865T-XL Washable Dog Crate Mat

    Check Price on Amazon 

    The last product on our list of the best chew proof dog crate mats is from Best Pet Supplies. With this option, you can expect great things for under $30! If you are a fan of plush lambswool and soft faux suede, then you will love this product for your furry baby as it has both. Yes, this product is double-sided. This mat is also versatile as it’s not just a kennel mat. It can also be used as a floor or window cushion for cats!

    With the 2-inch thick polyfill padding added inside the outer covering of the mat, it will certainly give your pet years of comfortable naps and lounging. What we like the most about Best Pet Supplies’ Crate Mat is actually its thicker pad, which is rare to find in an affordable crate mat.

    We know you’re wondering about its cleaning process. It’s as simple as putting the entire item in the wash!

    • Low-maintenance
    • Cheap but good quality
    • Long lasting
    • Versatile
    • Available in different colors and sizes
    • Not waterproof

    MidWest Deluxe Micro Terry Bed

    MidWest Deluxe Micro Terry Bed

    Spoil your pooch with the deluxe chew-proof Micro Terry Crate from MidWest. Made using durable, ultra-soft, and plush micro terry fabric, this pet crate is the perfect haven that your pal deserves to rest and relax. 

    This pet crate fits most standard size folding metal canine crates, feline crates, dog houses, and dog carriers. It also works excellent as a stand-alone bed at home and is light enough to be carried around when traveling with your pal. 

    This is a high-quality bed that is made using thick poly-cotton base cushion so that your pooch can rest in luxury. The bottom part of the bed is made using poly-cotton fabric while the top part of the bed is made from soft terry material. You cannot remove the crate’s outer shell, but this should not be a problem as the entire pad is machine washable.

    Key Features:

    • Ideal bed size to fit any standard folding dog/cat carriers, dog houses, and metal dog crates 
    • Durable, plush, and ultra-soft pad made using poly-cotton base with deluxe micro terry cushion 
    • Works as a stand-alone bed as well as ideal for traveling 
    • Dryer friendly and machine washable for easy maintenance 
    • Comes in different sizes, hence fits a wide variety of breeds and ages 

    Buy on Amazon

    • Very soft and makes for a soft landing during jumps 
    • Flexible and gentle yet highly durable 
    • High-quality waterproof material 
    • Machine washable 
    • Thickness is just over an inch 
    • Does not hold up well in the washing machine 

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