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Worried about your dog running all day and falling asleep on your bed? Concerned about your anxiety-ridden or overly excited dog? The best calming bed for dogs is the perfect solution to your problem. 

Pets can sleep or lay just about anywhere, whether on the floor or somewhere else. But sleeping or laying on cold, solid floors can make it hard for your dog to get quality rest and also affect their health. 

With these sizable and comfy beds, you can take care of your dog’s health issues and give them a relaxing spot to chill. You can even place the beds anywhere from your bedroom to the living room or any other spot you prefer. Give your furry babies the comfort they deserve with these beds! 

What is a calming dog bed?

Calming dog beds are a soft plush bed made to relax and provide the best possible comfort and care for your dog. With these comfortable beds, you can calm your furry friend in a matter of seconds. These beds are not just a cute and comfy corner for your furry friend but are also proven to be ideal in handling anxiety in dogs. 

Best Calming Bed for Dogs

How effective are anxiety dog beds?

According to various reviews and pet owners, these dog beds are proven to be very effective in calming and relaxing your pets. Dog beds are essentially made with a functional design. This design generally includes a raised rim around the edges, a feature proven to help ground your furry friend by providing a feeling of security. This helps in navigating fast and relaxing sleep in your dog.

What you should know about dog beds

As stated before, dog beds are immensely helpful in relaxing, particularly anxiety-driven dogs and with functions like head and neck support, this gives an extra addition of comfort. It also offers relief from joint and muscle pain, courtesy of its soft and cushy filling. Dog beds generally differ in size, design, and price. Hence, a variety of dog beds are made available for purchase in accordance with what your furry child requires.

Does Your Dog Really Need it?

Yes, dog beds are certainly a must-have item around the house if you have a furry friend or friends. Just as we require a comfortable and relaxing goodnight sleep, our pets also need the same. After a long day of running around, fetching and eating, our adorable furry babies deserve a relaxing and easy sleep. With the best calming bed for dogs, your canine will be fast asleep in minutes while also ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Some features to keep in mind while buying

Just like any other product available on the market, dog beds are found in many variations. Ranging from its size to the built of the structure and the use of materials, different manufacturers offer different product features so make sure you check every available feature and function. Below are some of the essential features to keep an eye out for.

  • To ease anxiety: Dogs in stressful situations will often search for a feeling of comfort and support so be sure to look for the raised rim feature on the bed. These rims are spread around the edges and provide a supportive feeling for the pet.
  • Comfort: the beds should have a comfortable well-protected frame. Look for extra padded foam in the center as it provides a sense of added comfort and stability.
  • Material: to ensure sustainability and durable use, make sure the beds are made from toxic-free and pet-friendly materials. Regardless of design and function, if the bed fails to provide durable and comfortable fabric, the entire bed will be rendered useless and inefficient after a few uses.
  • Machine and wash friendly: since it can be pretty hard to remove and clean dog odor and hair off the bed, be very careful in choosing what kind of fabric works best for your machine and most importantly whether your dogs’ bed is compatible with machine wash and dry.
  • Anti-stain feature: since dogs are prone to dirt and dust, it’s very likely for their bed to be prone to it as well. So prior to any purchase be sure to check whether the bed has a stain-resistant surface as well as easy to clean features.
  • Rubber bottom: as the name suggests, rubber induced bottoms basically consist of a flat rubber structure attached to the bottom of the bed. Though it may seem like a small detail, this feature is highly recommended in a dog bed as it provides sturdy stability to the bed.
  • Size: most beds are often available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. But with certain beds, these size measurements can vary so make sure you measure up the perfect fit for your furry friend prior to any purchase. Also, make sure to read well on the sizes available as with some beds it can only hold either small dogs or large dogs.
  • Soft center: in order for a bed to be comfy and relaxing it requires a very plushy, soft center. Normally these soft centers are a result of extra padding at the bottom. This is a feature often neglected by many bed makers so make sure you check on it if you want your dog to enjoy an extra level of comfort.

Anxiety in Dogs

Is your dog barking, trembling, hiding, panting and pacing constantly or exhibit destructive behaviors around the home or around visitors? Chances are, your dog has anxiety. Yes, you heard it right! Dogs, much like humans experience anxiety which could either be stress-related or not.

Dog anxiety affects all breeds but its effect may differ in each dog. Although anxiety is a normal emotion and sometimes even healthy, when left unchecked for too long it will certainly have adverse effects on your furry friend. This will further lead to the development of behavioral and other issues.

In order to avoid this, you can maintain an overall well-balanced living for your dog by checking up on their moods, food, and sleep habits. Make sure your furry friend also has a comfortable and relaxing space where you can calm them with ease.

Keeping in mind all the important factors, we have compiled a list of 5 best calming dog beds to help navigate you and your furry friend. Check it out down below!


Calming Dog Beds Reviews

1. Focuspet dog bed

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Looking for a cozy and comfortable bed with reliable features? This donut-shaped bed by Focuspet is certainly the right match for you. This calming pet bed for dogs is widely recommended and well known among many pet lovers. Known for its high durability, quality material, and extra comfort, it easily becomes a top-quality bed, providing your furry friend with the comfort they deserve.  

Featuring a round donut-shaped design made from only the finest faux shag fur and an extra padding to ensure pain relief from joints and muscles, this comfy bed will keep your pet comfortable and well relaxed throughout the night. Not only will your pet love the comfy feel of the bed but they will also feel protected. For additional support, the edge of the bed also duels as a headrest.  

By now you are probably wondering about those dirt stains and hairy furs on the bed. With this calming dog bed, you don’t need to worry about cleaning at all. These beds are made from easy clean and dry free materials. Which means all you need to do is put it in the washer and dry until clean. 

To make things even better, this anti-anxiety dog bed comes equipped with a self-warming soft plush to offer your furry friend with a feeling of warmth and love. It is available in sizes of medium and large. Given its size, you can easily fit any dog with a weight limit of up to 25lbs and 45lbs respectively.  

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  • Soft and easy to move
  • Stain-free surface
  • Calms anxiety
  • Self-warming cushion


  • Insufficient stuffing
  • Thin built 

2. Friends forever

Friends forever

Are you finding it difficult to manage your restless furry friend? With this anti-anxiety dog bed from friends forever, you can easily calm and relax your dog. Make sure your dog is able to get the best, maximum comfort and joy with this bed. The Friends forever donut pet bed comes in 2 different sizes, small and medium. It is also available in 4 different colors – pink, grey, tan and ivory. It has a circular design all covered in a luxurious synthetic faux fur, making it perfect for both design and comfort living for you and your pet! 

The raised rim feature adds an extra touch of warmth and security. This helps in easing your dog’s anxiety fast and gently. To relieve pain from muscles and joints, comfortable head and neck support are added to the bed. 

With a big bed frame and spacious cushion, your pet can curl and sprawl as much as it needs to find the perfect resting position. This is indeed one of the best calming dog bed. A single goodnight sleep in this bed will ensure quality sleep for your dog, an overall better mood, and top comfort rest. 

The outer shell of the bed is finished off with non-toxic material to ensure safety for both you and the environment. It is also safe for machine use and dry. Overall, this calming bed for dogs indeed lives up to its name providing sufficient comfort and durability to its user and with a weight limit of 25lbs and 45lbs for each size respectively, you can easily fit your furry friend with ease.

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  • Multiple colors available
  • Ideal for both small and large dogs
  • Toxic-free material
  • Spacious cushion


  • No extra padding at the bottom
  • Weak structure and frame

3. Best friends by Sheri

Best friends by Sheri

Next up is the calming pet bed for dogs by Sheri. This comfy bed is certainly one of the most convenient and versatile dog beds out there. Whether it’s sleeping soundly at night or curling up in the afternoon, this bed will perfectly fit your dog, courtesy of its well-rounded shape. For additional security and support, it also has the raised rim feature as well as head and neck support. 

The bed is also super flexible and lightweight which means you can carry it or move it anywhere with ease. Its surface is coated with luxurious faux shag and soft, plush cushion made to offer quality comfort to your furry child. With this anxiety dog bed, your furry friend will have improved health, behavior, and sleep in no time.

For extra convenience, the bed is equipped with a fully removable outer shell which is safe and easy to wash. The surface built of the bed is also dirt and water-resistant to help prevent any kind of mess. Available in 4 different sizes, this anxiety dog bed can fit any furry friend. From cute little Chihuahuas to big adorable huskies, you can fit any furry baby. Additionally, the natural color tone of the bed seamlessly complements any home décor.

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  • Available in multiple sizes
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight 


  • Low durability
  • Lacks a bottom cushion

4. Snoozer

Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

The luxury cozy cave pet bed by snoozer is one of the best calming bed for dogs out there. With its comfy cave design look, it is the perfect nesting place for your dog. This is the perfect bed where design meets functionality. 

This stylish hooded bed is provided with a microsuede surface along with a Sherpa interior to add maximum comfort. For added stability and easy entry, the hood of the bed is supported by a thin plastic rod that can be easily detached from the hood.

The poly/cedar filled interior pillow offers your dog a soft wonderland to rest those tiresome paws and tail. You will no longer have to worry about cleaning a heavy dog bed. This cozy cave can be easily detached from the outside and can be washed thoroughly.

To ensure extra health benefits, it offers an orthopedic foam insert to the base of the bed. This will provide a sturdy and stable structure and allow injured or older pets to enter the bed without any trouble. Your dog will be asleep in no time and will wake up fully energized, wrapped in the comfort of its Sherpa hood. 

Available in 3 different sizes along with 40 different fabrics ranging from solid design to colorful vibrant patterns, it offers your furry friend the perfect set of gift – the gift of comfort and style. Along with its versatile look, well-made structure, and comfortable resilient cushion, this anxiety dog bed will assist in calming your dog with ease and style. 

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  • Quality material
  • Extra padding for double comfort
  • Multiple color choices
  • Extremely durable


  • No head and neck rest
  • No raised rim edges

5. Canine coddler

Canine Coddler

The last one on the list is the canine coddler anxiety dog bed. This bed can be easily considered as the original stress-free, anti-anxiety bed. From its blanket wrap structure to its premium inner finish, nothing screams comfort and safety like this bed. It is perfectly ideal for calming your furry friend in stressful situations!

This stress relief blanket-like bed provides what is called the gentle constant pressure feature in order to help calm anxiety or fear in dogs. This weighted blanket helps in managing a healthy mood for your dog by promoting relaxation. 

This anxiety dog bed comes in dark grey color in two different weights. The covers consist of quality material which is very easy to use and can be removed for easy clean and wash. The interior blanket contains fully filled pellets made from toxic free PVC which add weight. This added weight ensures a sturdy and stable built for the blanket. 

Worried for your dog’s travel anxiety or a ride to the vet? You can hop your furry friend into one of these comfortable weighted blankets and instantly calm them down. Its portable feature makes it perfectly ideal for car rides and travels. 

With its adaptive and portable functions along with well-executed structure and finish, it easily tops off as one the most functional and highest quality calming bed for dogs

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  • Gentle pressure feature
  • A blanket-like structure for extra comfort
  • A great alternative for dealing with dog anxiety
  • Portable 


  • Cannot hold large dogs
  • Low durability


So there you have it! With these calming anti-anxiety beds, you can give your furry pals a chance to experience pure comfort and joy. Next time you catch your dog panting, low on mood or overly excited, you will exactly know what to do. That’s right! Provide them with the best care and help them calm down with the anti-anxiety dog bed. 

There are all kinds of dog beds available these days under different pricing, sizes and built. So with the help of the buying guide, we have shared above, make sure you purchase the right bed for your furry pal to navigate a healthier lifestyle for them.