How To Teach Dogs Tricks

If you are wondering how to teach dogs tricks, it is really quite simple to do. Of course, some dogs learn tricks more easily than others. It depends on the age, breed and the individual personality of the dog. However, just about any dog can learn if you know how to teach dogs tricks in the best way.

You have probably heard the saying ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ but this is not necessarily true. There are many stories of dogs ten years old and more who still learn to do something new.

It is not all about intelligence either. A dog who wants to please you is likely to learn whatever you want to teach more easily than a more intelligent but independent minded dog.

Assuming that your dog has already been house trained, you can build on the same training method when you begin to teach her tricks. That is, rewarding the right behavior.

How to teach dogs tricks successfully involves starting with a simple trick. You want her to grasp the idea as fast as possible so that she can start doing it correctly and get the reward. Examples of easy tricks for a dog are shaking hands, or catching a ball.

Do not mix up the tricks that you are teaching. Be sure that she has completely mastered one action before you start teaching something different. This requires patience. Remember that you will get bored a long time before the dog does.

You only have to think of how often a dog will fetch a ball to understand that. It’s virtually certain that you will get tired of that game way before the dog does. The same is true of tricks.

Nevertheless it is important to keep the training sessions short in the beginning. Knowing how to teach dogs tricks in a way that gets results means practicing a trick two or three times a day but only for a few minutes each time at first.

Remember that it can be frustrating for the dog because at first she will not understand what you want of her. She will know that you are expecting something and she will probably try other behaviors that have pleased you in the past, such as fetching something, or sitting. But this time, that’s not what you want, and that can be confusing for her.

So when you are beginning a new trick with your dog, be sure to give a small reward such as praise for any behavior that goes in the right direction toward the new trick.

Then when she actually gets the whole thing right and does exactly what you want, you can give a treat or similar large reward. Repeat this until she does the trick perfectly every time. Then you can go back to mixing some rewards with just praise at other times.

But never stop praising, even years later. Then you will know how to teach dogs tricks the best way and even become an expert.

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