Hound Dogs – Born To Hunt

Hound dogs are adorable puppies with big eyes and long ears. They can vary in size and use from small hounds like the beagle to deerhounds.

The most common use for the hound dog is as a hunter of mammals. They are also commonly hunted in packs. Because they have different quarry than bird dogs, it is little surprise they have a different ways of hunting.

This group is split between scent hounds and sight hounds. From far back in history these dogs have a different style of hunting.

The sight hounds are typically shorter ears, bigger dogs, with a different shape to the head and body. Think speed!

These are hunting dogs traditionally used to chase and take down larger prey – wolves, deer and other game.

Examples:Hound dogs

The characteristics that make them elite hunting dogs, however, get them in trouble in the human’s world.

They tend to chase movement and unfortunately due to their speed they can quickly be out of range and get lost.

Scent hounds are more commonly the hounds still used today in the field. These breeds have a square head, extra long flaps on the muzzle (flews) and long ears to help funnel scent to the nose. The flews help capture and direct scent which allows the hounds excellent tracking ability.

The hunter with a well trained hound is apt to get what he came for.

Examples:Hound dogs

Hound dogs are people dogs. It is rare one is people aggressive but they’ll tree every cat in the neighborhood.

Due to their prey being small furry things they are capable of quickly killing what they should catch, a point worth noting if you have cats or other small furry pets.

One important note … if you keep them as hunters don’t rely on them “just staying around the place”. With a strong instinct and nose, unchecked hound dogs can get in a heap of trouble!

Hound Dog Breeds

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