Hearing Dog Training What Is It And How To Accomplish It

Hearing dog training is relatively straight forward. Hearing dogs are used to assist the hearing impaired. They perform a valuable service to the deaf, by alerting them to specific sounds that they could not otherwise have heard on their own. This could include the ringing of a phone, a crying baby, a fire alarm or any sound of daily living activities.

In order to excel at hearing dog training, the dog must be good with people, intelligent, manageable and be able to follow commands.

Hunting dogs are great for this task. The Golden Retriever, Labrador, Setter, or Spaniel breeds all make exceptional companions and are an excellent choice for hearing dog training.

Hearing dog training can begin at any age, and generally takes up to a year to complete. Most dogs are chosen when puppies, so they can be of service for a longer period of time.

In order to be classified as an official hearing dog, the dog must be able to identify at least three different sounds, and be able to alert the handler within fifteen seconds of hearing it.

Once they alert the handler, they must be able to lead them to the source of the sound. As a service dog, this assists the hearing impaired to to live independently.

In order to train a hearing dog, you must:

Choose a suitable breed of dog that exhibits the right personality traits. Some of our hunting breeds are right for the job.

Train it to identify one sound at a time. When the dog accomplishes the task of alerting you of the sound, give lots of phrase. Then work on having the dog lead you to the source.

Repeat the above process with a different sound, once the dog has mastered the first sound.

Continue to practice every few days on the sounds that the dog has already mastered.

Hearing dog training can be an incredibly satisfying job. You work with animals, help create a means to assist the deaf, and build a lasting relationship between the dog and its new owner.

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