Electronic Dog Shock Collars Are A Training Tool

Many people misunderstand dog shock collars as a whole. The thought is, these collars are cruel and actually endangered dogs. Hunting dog collars are more than just “shock collars”.

The basic types of electronic collars are for tracking, training and anti-bark although the latter are more common for pet dogs.

The tracking collar uses GPS technology to tell where the dog is based on a signal from the dog’s collar to the owner’s receiver.

With some dogs running ahead as they hunt, this allows the dog to work at a pace comfortable for him and also allows a way to find the dog if out of sight.

Anti-bark collars typically have a correctional shock or puff of spray that dogs dislike. These are set to go off automatically for repetitive barking.

Remote training collars are most commonly used as dog shock collars.

Designed for remote operation and sized for small or large dogs as well as the “sportsman’s” collars that are waterproof these are good for correction when the dog is out of reach.

There normally is an automatic shut off that you cannot hold it down to shock a dog abusively. These can be effective if you understand dog behavior and time the correction appropriately.

Sometimes your dog only needs a ‘nick’ on the lowest setting to remind him to obey a command. Hunting dogs are So wound up in the hunt, they have ‘selective hearing’, just like children!

Like any tool or training aid these electronic collars can be misused. Effective dog training is about direction not abuse.

Learn first how these are best used and then decide if it’s something you are willing to learn to use correctly.

A dog shock collar, or any training tool is only as effective as the knowledge and the handler behind it.

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