Simple Strategies for Choosing Dog Names

These days, dog names run the gamut from the boring to the absurd. Training your dog requires that you use their name repeatedly, so keep it easy, but interesting.

Some points to keep in mind when naming your dog

1. Embarrassing names might end up embarrassing you. Naming your dog “Sir Farts A Lot” might seem funny, but imagine calling him, or worse, while he is hunting.

2. Watch out for names that can become an embarrassment because of what they rhyme with. Naming your dog “Cupid” because of an adorable heart shaped spot will seem like a good idea until your kids start calling her “Stupid Cupid”.

3. Trendy names can cause embarrassment too. Remember that in ten years, you may not want to remind people that you were really into a certain television show or band.

4. Simple strategies for choosing dog namesAlso look out for names that sound like commands. These can become very confusing for your dog as they are words that you might use in other ways.

5. Some people choose to give their dogs human names. This is pretty popular these days.

6. Names that go with their temperament or appearance generally work well. Possibly “Spot” or “Dotty” for a German Shorthair Pointer, or “Red” for a Vizsla.

7. Those names that match your dog when they are a puppy have one potential problem, however. Like people, dogs change as they get older; this can affect their temperament and even coloring. Make sure it is a “fit” your dog’s for life.

8. Hunting dog names are generally better and easier to learn if they are short. One or two syllable names are ideal. An added benefit to a shorter name is that it is less cumbersome during training.

9. Test the name out on your dog. Look for a name that seems to grab your dog’s interest.

10. When adopting an older dog, it is wise to keep their original name, rather than try to give them a new one.

Obviously, naming your dog is not a simple matter. However, since 20% of people regret their choice in dog names, the smart owner will think long and hard before making this important decision.

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