Did You Know The Hunting Dog Was So Versatile?

Enthusiastic bird dog and devoted pet at home, the hunting dog can do it ALL!!

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Hunting Dog

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Retrievers are one of the most Retrieverpopular dogs in the USA, valued for their willingness to please, intelligence and obedience.

Their love of water and soft mouth make them indispensable to waterfowl hunters.

The versatility and personality of the Labrador and Golden Retrievers has made them a popular family dog. Their reliable temperament earns them high praise when employed as service and guide dogs.


VizslaIncredibly athletic, Pointers locate game and freeze into a classic “pointing” position.

When “working” upland game, their pointing and retrieving skills give them needed versatility.

Showing loyalty and devotion, Pointers also make good family dogs. Their high level of intelligence makes them an ideal competitor in field trials, agility or obedience work.


setterThe regal Setter has an innate instinct for scenting and flushing game birds.

Their distinctive “crouch” or “set” when they find their prey, earned them the Setter name.

With intelligence and a sensitive nature, the lively Setter is suitable for both working the fields and the home.


spanielThe smallest of the sporting dog breeds, Spaniels were bred to be the ideal field companion, working close and flushing game. Their thick coats and size allow them to get into areas of dense bush.

The enthusiastic and highly affectionate Spaniel breeds are willing to learn and are easy to train.

This hunting dog is valuable for use in the field and are beloved staples in family households.

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